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Rumor:10M PSN Accounts on Jeopardy

Anonymous claims to have struck again as far as the Sony PlayStation Network is concerned, The Matter has been Confirmed by Sony

Kotaku also linked to a tweet that reportedly read 10 million PSN accounts were at risk, but that tweet has since been deleted.

though Shane Bettenhausen who works for Sony have claimed it as False Statement

However, a few weeks after the security breach, Sony revealed that it found a file tied to Anonymous on Sony Online Entertainment servers. It eventually broke out into an international war between Anonymous and Sony, including one incident in Spain in which three people were arrested for allegedly being involved in the PSN security breach. Anonymous retaliated by hacking the official website of Spain’s national police force.

By that point, the damage had been pretty much done between this debacle and the earthquake in Japan last March as Sony faced a $3.2 billion loss for the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

Official Statement, here’s a Screenshot

Via Kotaku

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