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15-Year old wins 4.5 Million Dirhams in Dota 2 Asian Championship

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Sumail Hassan, 15 – with Pakistan Background has made his name in E-sports industry in an year, winning Estimate 4.5 Million AED ($1.2 Million)  in Dota 2 Asian Championship that took place in China earlier this week. Sumail has set an example of how a child prodigy in Video game industry would be.

According to Tribune, Sumail moved to United States of America an year ago. We are not yet sure what was his primary reason of moving to US who is known by Gamer-tag “Suma1L” was brought by Evil Geniuses after they spotted the X-Factor in this Young Pakistani gamer. In addition, this was the first time that Sumail participated in any professional championship including the risk they took for it. He is now one of the most talented newcomer in Dota 2 is now looking forward in The International-5, Championship of over 36 Million AED ($10 Million) in prize.

Please note: The Prize money will be distributed among the team members.