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5 Reasons you must attend Games15 in Dubai

1) Extracake PR

This event is organised by the Folks who organized this year’s huge comic con in Dubai called Middle East Film and Comic Con, and the name behind the epic greatness is Arafaat Ali Khan and his team, making it bigger and better every year! Comic Con got bigger, So will the games unlike previous year was handled by Cygnus Communications, this year they will be going for MEGcon also known as Middle East Gaming Convention later this month at Dubai World Trade Centre. By the looks of the event in first day, you can tell how convenient and easily accessible things were except a really cold glass of water [Haha], with food just doesn’t end here because this is the beginning of whole new fairy tale.

2) ESL Tournament

Ninjas in Pyjamas, Virtus Pro, Cloud 9, Team Envyus, Natus Vincere, Fnatic, TSM, Team Titan are up against each other in the ESL area of Games15, first time in Middle East, have I seen such a organiser and crowd enthusiasm who have put in so much effort and time to making it happen! we have finally have ESL here! something to boast about, you can have a comfortable shiny view on coach and open air area with Aircondition, and a bottle of chilled non alcoholic malt beverage!

3) Videogame lineup

Hitman, Deus Ex-Mankind Divided Just Cause 3, Halo 5: Guardians, Rise of TR, Fable Legends, Street Fighter V, Gears of War: Ultimate edition, Rare replay, Forza Motorsport 6, Tom Clancy’s The Division, FIFA 16, PES 2016, MGS V: PP, Assetto corsa, rock band 4. saitek pro flight simulation cockpit, 2k16 wwe -nba 2k16, battleborn, dragon quest heroes, Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO.

4) Top Notch Exhibitors

Sony PlayStation brings us a big blunder of surprise by introducing the Project Morpheus in UAE for the first time along with other titles at their booth. Xbox Gulf has brought us pretty big stuff this year like every year they have taken me to the apexes and round the corner but in rain because its the all new forza 6 we’re talking about! with fresh new weather system, epic dynamics and active damper system, playing that I can tell that this is by far the best Forza I’ve played and not that I am happy because still in rain without tcs, abs and simulation handling..I still took 1st place in vintage Ferrari.  

ESL area in Games15, Dubai - UAE

ESL area in Games15, Dubai – UAE

Our favorite and by far the best gaming store “Dikkan Al3ab” will give you that nostalgic feel’ you all have been waiting for and now.. all you have to do to play Mario or classic street fighter is to head directly to their booth alongside Hori fighting sticks booth as well aside. Biggest retail and distribution chain in Middle East “Geekay Games” is bringing you Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO, and No it’s not another codemaster’s disaster apart from that is the brand-new turtle beach line up which includes: Turtle Beach’s Elite 800,Ear Force Stealth 500X,Ear Force Z60 Papabubble, Mystery Zone (virtual reality), We all know what comes to our mind when we look for anything with quality and not easily findable item, that is right! “Virgin megastore“.

Lets not forget that store in Khawaneej, Dubai..”Game street” one of the most famous game shop among the Locals of UAE is exhibiting for the first time at such a convention and not that I am shocked or anything but I am quite surprised that they are trying to step-up in terms of professionalism. Ever wondered how’d it feel to run away, with high heart rate since you are running away – saving your own life from zombies? Nope, I never experienced it yet but if you’d like to, you can head over to “Contagion run” not sure, if it’s going to be that weird crossfit stuff. Along with them is our Pluto Games, Red Entertainment, and Viva Entertainment with some of the epic releases in 2015! 

5) Gaming focused – Guest Attendees

This year, its first time that we have a guest that’s way focused to the gaming industry apart from Critical Hit, Natus Vincere, and  Envyus, we have Ellen Mclain and John Lowrie who are two of the most famous voice actor and actress’ in Team Fortress 2. Wrestling is your thing? It has become an heritage for Games event to have a wrestling superstar every year, This year we have the WWE superstar “Daniel Bryan“..YES!

You’ve might have heard about “Street Fighter”..If you didn’t..something is horribly wrong with you.. “Ono san or Ono Yoshinori” will be attending today for the signing and so on.. don’t get late! Gerard Marino, one of the most popular video game music composer will be attending and I’ve no clue about this year’s Video Games heres a good chance to meet and greet him, people!  For International celebrity cosplayers, we have Zhiana and Variable coming to cosplay..It would make no sense at all but I’d really want to say this “KAWAI”.

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