A Daring Venture “James Lopez”

You know my dear readers what do we lack in they’s modern times? A look back to the old world with the imagination and capabilities of modern times with wild curiosity and the undying belief off the glory Science! that it would lead us to fathom any  idea we are brave enough to venture into discovering  where  even our machines rivels mountains in size, And fueled by steam and fossilized fuel, where even the belief of superstitious and the alien are as strong and sometimes rightfully so creatures that lurk in the vale of darkness who strike with such swiftness that they can kill ten men before they even draw their weapons in retaliation   and monsters of size’s that even rivals that of titans of engineering ingenuity, a land when the period that marked for both ideals that could have pushed both into some awe inspiring extremes! Like the victorian 19 century era! Where the horrors the world could have gone if. Hey wait, that’s steampunk..Oh well, This is Hullabaloo!

What are we talking about? 

Hullabaloo is the  story about a lady named veronica daring who have just came back from an elite finishing school where she played the role of polite social conservative at day and superheroine vixen at night named hullabaloo, where after her departure from the school she wanted  to move back to her  family home only to find it abandoned and in a state of disarray and  discovering in the midst of this clutter that her father Jonathan daring has been kidnapped and as she continued  searching for clues for her father kidnapper where she searched above and below her household and finely in the family neglected  amusement park humorously named “Daring adventures” where her father used to test out his new inventions, while she was searching for any leads she  could find amidst the wreckages of failed inventions  she has managed to spot someone else looking for clues but sneakily scuttling  at the sametime but failing at that endeavor and it was Juliet fletcher or as she prefers to be called “Jules” an eccentric gal who was looking for Mr. Jonathan Daring herself but she was  only able to find few clues for whoever kidnapped him and her leads point out that whoever kidnaped him   must been a cunning villainous  inventor,who wanted his new discovery of new energy source that could have revolutionize the world.


And from there her adventure with her new good friend jules begins where her list of challenges ranges from wannabe-self proclaimed scientist entrepreneur  and salesmen J.D. Snickers Bottom who tries to deceive her or con people with her inventions he stole from her for his own benefit to sky pirates and the aerial battles she loves to indulge herself into too to island of giant mechanized animal robots and to her arch nemesis-cheshire cat a cat burglar where her abilities range from mind control and implanting nightmarish dreams while reciting passages from lewis carroll alice in wonderland to her victims to even invisibility. and all of that is just the beginning ladies and gentlemen as this is only the beginning of this fully backed project as of this writing this article the production of the series will begin and a date of the first episode has been not published yet hopefully though they it would be soon. its sounds fun and unique and it is the brainchild of james lopez a veteran animator who wanted to combine his love of 2d animation with steampunk with his colleagues of veterans and well known celebrities of the genre wanting to help mr lopez transform Hullabaloo from internet series to full length animated movie to even a franchise.

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