PlayStation 3

Action-Platformer ‘Do Not Fall’ Announced

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_94118219_previewXPEC Entertainment, a Leading game developer has proudly announced today that its first self-published Action-Platformer is now available Exclusively on PlayStation Network for $9.99(37 AED). In this platformer, You are going to play as fearless adventurer named ‘Pipi’ who lives inside a drink vending machine. Seven-themed worlds to explore throughout and gather enough materials to make one delicious drink

Official Words


“Offering addictive gameplay and amazing multiplayer capabilities we are sure players will be satisfied and yearning for more of Do Not Fall,” said Wonder Lin, CEO, XPEC Entertainment. “As our first self-published title we are extremely excited to bring this game to the public and we know you will enjoy it.”

For Trailer, Please Click here

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