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Arkham Origins, Online Multiplayer Trailer reveals skipping Wii U

Few Days Ago Batman: Arkham Origins Online Multiplayer Trailer was revealed to Fans through BatmanArkhamVideos which was not very tempting or to feel something excited for. Although, mentioning Xbox, PS3 and PC they did not mention Nintendo Wii U, Which pretty much clears that it won’t be available for Wii U. In addition, Only Online Multiplayer experience could not be Played on Wii U.

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Batman, Robin vs Most popular Comic Super-Villain Joker or Bane. Batman: Arkham origins offers gamers chance to hunt as Batman or hunt the Batman! I am going Batman all-the way..Haha, Online Mode will be available for Current generation consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox 360, PC gamers as well so ‘Windows PC’ however, it has skipped Nintendo..Yes My Dear Nintendo Gamers, It won’t be coming on Wii U as of now.

Batman: Arkham Origins will be available this October 25, 2013

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