Arma 3 Adapt Episode release date announced

Bohemia Interactive has announced the release date for Arma 3’s 2nd upcoming episode ‘Adapt’ which is set for release on January 21st, 2014.

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Detailed! | Episodes

Arma 3’s Official campaign named ‘The East Wind’, unfolds over three episodes named Survive, Adapt and Win.

First Episode, Players were introduced to Ben Kerry, A regular soldier who’s part of a NATO-peacekeeping mission in the Mediterranean. After a botched withdrawal trapped Kerry’s unit on the island of Stratis, in the midst of a Flashpoint, they attempt an escape to the neighbouring island of Altis.

Bohemia Interactive will be releasing the episode’s new sandbox content before upcoming holidays. Included in this free package are 3 addition vehicles for the Altis Armed Forces faction. Wy-55 Hellcat Helicopter, FV-720 Mora (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) and MBT-52 Tank plus new content such as black versions of the MX rifle family, infra-red grenades and the LRPS sniper scope! all those new features will be available on December 11th via an automatic update on Steam [Cheers!]

Official Words

While the first part of the campaign focused on the basics of infantry combat, this second ‘Adapt’ episode plays with the other cool features of Arma 3’s sandbox”, said Jaroslav Kasny, Playable Content Lead for Arma 3.”Players will find more open and unorthodox scenarios, and with the help of guerrilla warfare, set out to defeat a much stronger enemy.”