Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 is back, Goal’ set to 20K USD on Kickstarter and Free DLCs

Enthusiast, Student, Gamer, or maybe a first timer who is bored? Well, your answer is Car Mechanic Simulator that lets’ you fix parts or make something ingenious with all the passion you’ve got in for Automobiles or let’s call it cars. Background music similar to Slash’ Nismo Mustang, popular back from Fast and Furious including authenticity plus not to forget is level of visual development this year.

Here’s the Kickstarter Video of Car Mechanic Simulator

What do developers have in sleeve for Car Mechanic Simulator 2015?

If Devs reach the goal of 20,000 USD (74K AED), They will make it happen! CarThrottle had words with Dariusz Ruman, Owner and CEO of Red Dot Games and their goals for the upcoming Car Mechanic Simulator Installment.

“In the game’s Steam community ‘Improvement Thread’ created by the developers, the team gathered input from hundreds of gamers. So first of all – now we have auctions – people complain that they are making money in game, and have no chance to spend it. So we added the ability to collect cars. You can buy old junk cars, restore them, paint and place them in your garage to watch all day. Or sell it, make profit and buy expensive ones. You can also now spend money on garage tools, components, customization of walls, floors etc” said Dariusz Ruman, Owner and CEO of Red Dot Games, also added “Also we want to add support for mods – users can add cars – but this will heavily depend on how the gamers will support us via buying the game. I hope they will so that we can add this great feature!”

Game is 75% complete on progress bar, codes will be sent to supporters by summer this year. What you need to know is, if the game’ reaches its 20K USD goal, All Future Digital downloadable content (DLC) shall be downloadable at no extra cost. What’s to wait! This game has almost everything from JDM to American V8s.

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