Counter Strike Global Offensive first impressions.

Please note that this is a first impression of the game based on the rough hour that i had with the game and thus my opinions on the game might not be the same as they might have been had i spent more time with the game and thus done a full review.

One sentence review: Still the same Counter Strike that you know and love but better in every way.

Gameplay and overall feel.

If you have ever played a Counter Strike game before and especially CS: Source then you will feel right at home with CS:GO, It’s still the Counter Strike that you know and love but with a few new weapons, vastly improved graphics and a few new game modes that cater not only to the seasoned pros but also the beginners who have never played Counter Strike and are not familiar with the style of game play required.

Since CS:GO is an FPS the gun play is a big part of the overall feel of the game and i must say that Global Offensive really handles the gun play well. The weapons all feel solid and they still have the same amount of recoil that they had in the older Counter Strike games which makes it fairly easy to keep your finger on the trigger without the gun spinning out of control. Having played Counter Strike several times before i felt right at home with how the guns handled and i was almost instantly able to come into the game and start pwning as if i had played the game a hundred times before.


Counter Strike Global Offensive has had a massive overhaul in the graphics department and it looks multitudes better than it’s brothers (CS:source and 1.6) which hit their graphical primes a long time ago. The game looks fairly similar to CS:Source although it has significantly improved textures and the guns look like really guns instead of plastic replicas.The graphics aren’t as good as they are in, let’s say BF3 but they are several hundred times better than they are in MW3 and overall i was quite amazed by the graphical detail in the game especially on the guns and the completely reworked player models.

New Game modes.

Because everyone is already familiar with the old game modes i decided to focus the amount of time that i had with the game on 2 new game modes; Arms Race and Demolition.

Arms Race: Arms Race is a gun game type game mode where you must kill enemy players in order to get the next gun in the series. The first person to get to the last weapon will win the game not only for himself but also for the team that he is playing in. While everyone is trying hard to kill enemies to unlock the next gun the Terrorists can plant the bomb in order to distract the Counter Terrorists and they can then proceed to using this to their advantage by killing the Counter Terrorists who are sure to come running trying to disarm the bomb. Unlike Demolition however, if the bomb does explode the game keeps on going untill somebody has gone through all the guns.

Not being far off from a complete Counter Strike noob i felt like i was able to quickly join an Arms Race game and begin to progress through the guns without being completely owned by the enemy players like i usually am.

Demolition: For the most part this is still the same game mode that you know and love (or hate) but with a twist. You still have to try and plant/disarm the bomb as usual and if you die then you remain dead until the next round. Now here comes the twist, every time that you kill an enemy you get the next gun in the series allowing you to keep on defending your position with better and better guns.

Unlike Arms Race, Demolition requires a bit more skill and as such i had a hard time trying to remain competitive and i died quickly in every round which caused me to rage quit early on and then go back to Arms Race which, Like i stated earlier, is more noob friendly.

Final Verdict

Overall I’m really satisfied with the experience that CS:GO provides and i would definitely buy it without the slightest doubt and at just 62 DHS (17 US Dollars) it’s a complete bargain especially for people who are new to Counter Strike and want to give it a shot. So if you’re looking for a new game to spend your money on then Counter Strike Global Offensive should definitely be taken into consideration.

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