Games 13

Day One at Games13

Day One – #Games13 was very Interesting since it was the opening and prodigy “Mr.David Cage” came to the event.

Team GR had Interview with Mr.David Cage of Quantic Dreams! Played Beyond Two souls and lot of other Xbox One and PS4 titles! We will be doing First Impressions of all Unreleased Video games by this Saturday and Sunday.

Our First ever Video coverage from our Editor In-Chief and Staff Editor will release on our own YouTube channel as we Interview Huge Que of underage children at Call of Duty: Ghosts booth, Visitors of Games13, Marketing Executives of Pluto Games and Red Entertainment.

AC IV BlackFlag, Drive Club, The Crew, Beyond: Two souls, Disney Infinity, Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden Z, Batman Arkham Origins, Forza 5 and Gran Turismo 6 is what we tried today.

Unfortunately, few games were missing like Titanfall, Dead Rising 2 and couple of more. Stay tune for Day Two! WWE’s Mick Foley is coming to Games13.