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Dikkan Al3ab, Our New Retro video-game store in UAE

Dikkan Al3ab, UAE’s own Retro-game store that is home to not only retro-games but manga, anime series’, and let alone retro games but retro game consoles like Nintendo Game boy, SNES, and one of the rare consoles here “famicom” which is available for purchase. Alright, any retro-game store or grey market might be able to arrange you one of these but the price tag is what matters and, quite frankly..when you tell me a Game boy color in used but mint condition, with available charger etc for 100 AED (27 USD) or SNES for around 400 AED.. I will be shocked, why? there are few intos. Starting off with no less than 800 or 1000 AED, If I order from Amazon and shipping with no guarantee of how the product will be. As of yet, the orders are not yet purchasable using their website, but you can stay up-to date following @Dikkan.Al3ab on Instagram.

The man behind the idea of Dikkan Al3ab is Mr. Saif Hattawi, and quite honestly, After having a little chat with him about how he survey’ DA’s consumers in the Dikkan Al3ab community event at Bikers’ cafe, you get the motivation to support the community even more and how we need Businesses like these to support these with Entrepreneurs like him.

dikkan al3ab wm gamerekon-2

Mr. Saif Hattawi of Dikkan Al3ab using his brand-new distribution line of Project Vmax car simulation seat.

Project Vmax, is Car racing seat – authentic car racing seat, no kidding! It is an authentic Recaro with certificate that incase, if you might want to go have a track day with your 4-cylinder car, you have got this seat from living room to install in your car.

Project V-Max is a UAE-made product by Petrolhead gamers. The lack of a properly made gaming racing seat created the idea of this product. Currently offering the full lineup of Recaro Seats whether they are medical, sport or official certified FIA motorsport seats with custom locally engineered and crafted brackets. Offering unique racing experience that can the client can customize the upholstery of the seat to a unique color combinations.

Kudos to Mr. Saif, and Dikkan Al3ab for something creative, new, reasonable, and helpful to collectors! Most importantly, Dikkan Al3ab will be exhibiting at Middle East Film and Comic Con known as MEFCC this year. Tickets for MEFCC can be purchased here.