PS Vita

Disney’s Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two coming soon to PS Vita

Sony has announced that Epic Mickey 2 is headed to PlayStation Vita later this year, and of course it will include new controls and a new mode for the Vita.


Official words

“It will include front touch for greater painting accuracy and tilt controls for racing mode, Also a two player WIFI CO-OP mode exclusive to the PS Vita” said Alex Moyet, Sony Europe.

Epic Mickey 2 takes place in a world based on classic and retired Disney characters and attractions. The story begins sometime after the conclusion of the original Epic Mickey, with Oswald and the other Wasteland characters starting to rebuild their world.

A series of earthquakes threaten to undo the work, but the Mad Doctor appears and convinces Oswald to join forces and combat the new menace. So Gus, the leader of the Gremlins, and Ortensia, Oswald’s girlfriend, contact Mickey Mouse and bring him into the world. Mickey and Oswald team up to save the forgotten world (since only their combined powers can restore it).


We personally loved the Epic Mickey 2: Power of two that involves Legendary Toon character Mickey and Oswald’s journey!

We love to check it out on PlayStation Vita.

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