Dota 2 Update – January 17th, 2013

Added Least Played mode to matchmaking! In this mode players can only choose from a list of their least played heroes. This mode is great for learning new heroes since everyone will be on equal footing.GAMEPLAY
– Faceless Void: Fixed Backtrack working on HP Removal.
– Medusa: Mystic Snake now returns to restore you when it is blocked by Linken’s Sphere.
– Meepo: Fixed an exploit with boot selection
– Riki: Fixed an issue with Permanent Invisibility on re-spawning.
– Slark: Fixed Impale based stuns not getting removed by Dark Pact.
– Issuing the haste command to the courier with the new UI no longer interrupts channeling spells on the primary hero.
– Fixed an exploit allowing items to be combined from multiple owners.
– Fixed Thunderclap being purgable.
– Fixed Malefice being purgable.
– Fixed Poison Touch being purgable and its interaction with BKB
– Fixed Brewmaster’s Dispel not dealing damage to illusions.
– Fixed illusion damage interaction with other things that modify outgoing damage percentage (like Quelling Blade).
– Fixed being unable to target yourself with Force Staff if you are magic immune.
– Least Played Mode: The top 20 winning heroes for each player will be disabled. Heroes with less than 3 wins will not be disabled.

– Fixed an exploit that let you bring up the panel to repick after the game started
– The Balanced Shuffle button now shows up for all non-league private lobbies.
– Fixed Nightstalker’s darkness indicator persisting across games.
– Abandoned games are marked in the match history

– Added Drow bot.
– Added Warlock bot (and Warlock Golem bot).
– Added support for bots using unique attack modifiers to harass while laning.
– Fixed bug that was causing bots to farm for buyback much earlier than they should.
– Fixed bug that was causing some bots to get stuck when trying to use a Tango.
– Bots that are lanemates of a carry will no longer jungle during the laning phase.
– If a hero is already jungling during the laning phase, additional bots will not jungle.

– Added Import Courier and Import Ward.
– Added support for animations and attachment points.
– Added Quicksave & Quickload import buttons to make it easy to redo a previous import.
– Added Centaur Warrunner, Batrider, Mirana, Keeper of the Light, Shadow Demon, and Slark to the Hero list (and http://www.dota2.com/workshop/requirements).
– Preview now allows you to add multiple cosmetic items onto the preview Hero.
– Preview now has a Portrait camera view.
– Preview now allows you to select a skin on models with multiple skins.
– Preview now visualizes attachment points on models that require attachments to be valid.
– Improved validation of polygon and bone count of submitted models.