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Dubai-based YouTuber on “Why I hate the current-gen consoles”

Habeeb Al-Aswad, 33 is Dubai-based YouTuber, Freelance Photographer, and a Gamer.He explains why the current-gen consoles are yet convincing enough of an upgrade for him. He goes into the many reasons he feels this way in his 30 minutes YouTube video found below. He is also a Retro-game collector along with owning and building his own custom gaming rig. So you can say, he knows his video games.

My View

The debate of PC vs. console gaming is far from over even with the surfacing of next-gen consoles were announced over a year ago. Till this day as the rivalry still goes on. On Personal opinion, as I own all the consoles from Nintendo, Microsoft as well as PlayStation, I have to agree with most of his point. After 7-8 years later they will upgrade as next gen than claiming its all new console and that is quite possible since the next-gen 8.0 really isn’t a next-gen. It feels like going to a slightly modded console [and Hey, I am not a PC Gamer..] with terrible amount of time consumed appreciably due to loading a game’s hard copy on Xbox One, and paid online membership on PlayStation 4 including lack of regional changeability feature not allowing me to change my region, which means I cannot play online anymore nor can I transfer all my DLCs or purchases that I made online.

Consoles have this no flexibility in them anymore. It used to be quite simple back in PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 days in comparison to the next-gen. On personal note next-gen consoles sort of demotivated me from gaming. I have never stayed away from games for more than a week at busiest of times. I remember when I got my PlayStation One as well as the PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3 and the hardware and software at same time was a synonym of quality unlike recent times that have changed the video gaming industry.

Yes, it feels and looks’ better since the consoles have much more strength that can stand-by for larger games allowing developers to make better games, but most of devs are technically investing their balance of interest in graphics segment much more than the primary objective which is story and player experience. Let’s not forget the cost of next-gen games, middle to low rated story-plot, average player experience, more DLC focused titles, counting down days when in-game brand product placement will not be enough, insane time consumed due to loading a game. I still enjoy my PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 over next-gen consoles for this.

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