PlayStation 4

E3 2015 | Summer lesson via Project Morpheus’ VR Tech Demo on PlayStation 4

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Sony’s very own virtual headset project has been out making news, and then Sony said.. why not make a little buzz at one of the most biggest gaming conventions in World! so here’s a demo user video, experience summer lesson using Project Morpheus’ VR Tech. so far, there has been nothing like this apart from Oculus Rift VR that gives a huge chance to Indie developers but with Sony almost done with their upcoming gizmo, there’s a high chance that we are going from Next-gen to VR headset war. Officials have also been leaning towards game based on an alien planet with a lot of shooting involved, which is yet something one can only dream about but not for too long with the pace Sony is moving forward.

Have a look at the stunning visuals:

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