Edge of Space Now Available for Early-Access on Steam

Edge of Space, Developed by HandyMan Studios and Published by Reverb Publishing, has launched Edge of Space on Steam Early Access, Edge of Space is an Indie-Platformer Genre game which has a Kick of 2013 in it.

Official Words

“It has been a long journey getting here, from Kickstarter to Greenlight, and now to Steam Early Access,” said Jacob Crane, Founder and one of the Lead Developers of HandyMan Studios. “Without the dev team and the community support the game would not be where it is today. We are both excited and scared out of our minds, but we’re ready to gain feedback so we can continue to grow and perfect the experience!”

EOS is available in two different editions, Standard Edition costs 11.99$ and Special Edition costs 24.99$, but with Special Edition you get First Responder Armor, Sugar Glider Pet, Upgraded Pickaxe: Dig Faster, Edge of Space Soundtrack, Edge of Space PDF Art book.


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For Purchasing or Information – (Click Here)

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