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Editorial Special : Top 10 Beat ’em Up games!

I grew up to be a gamer by the inspiration of my brother. Thus, I pursued to play the most intricate and complex-story-based games out there. But at some point in my life, I came across a genre that would revolutionize one side of gaming as it was, Fighting Games and Beat Em ups. What is a Beat ‘em up game? A Beat’em up game is a side scrolling fighting game that would have a certain goal. As an example, Final Fight had the story of Haggar fighting to save Metro City with Cody and Guy as well as finding Jessica, Haggar’s daughter. Fighting games such as Fatal Fury and Street Fighter II are in a way considered beat’em ups. In 2009, I was fully inspired to become a gamer of fighting games specifically, when I played Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Now, I will give you my take on the top 10 best beat’em up games.

When I was young, I wanted a character that would be my iconic hero. Enter Sonic the Hedgehog. I’ve known the SEGA Company ever since I could remember! I mean, LITERALLY ever since I could remember. I still remember playing this game. The Runner–up for this list is…

Top 10 Best Beat’em up games:

Sonic the fighters:

Sonic the Fighters Intro: Uploaded by GamerC on YouTube. Sonic the Hedgehog Demonstration was uploaded by WhiteKhakis on Youtube

I’ll never forget the first time I played this game, the graphics were so cartoonish and sleek for its time, the Gameplay was smooth and the movements were quick and nimble. I don’t care what people say, this is one my favorite games. Its music was very jazzy as Sonic used to be, and the button scheme was similar to Virtua Fighter. A punch button, a kick button and a block button with the fight stick itself.

10. Hack and Slash games:

Uploaded by flo7flames
I know it’s supposed to be for specific games but, if I don’t do this, God of War, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, BloodRayne and others would be spread into the list. So, A LOT of these hack and slash games are really cool. Dante with Ebony and Ivory, Kratos with his brutality, even the new Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is in it. Poor Raiden…

9. Super Smash Bros. Melee:

Uploaded by ycz13
YES! It is with the Beat ‘em up sections. YES! I put Melee instead of Brawl, and Yes, I mean it. Super Smash Bros. Melee is a fantastic game compared to Brawl, Even though Brawl has fantastic characters *coughSonic and Snakecough*, Melee has the Gameplay mechanics that can blow people’s minds! Have you seen the wave-dashing?

8. X-Men Arcade:

Videos uploaded by Wackywikivideos and sbrobot
Fans of Beat’em ups! WELCOME TO DIE! Yes. My number 8 has to be X-Men Arcade. It’s a fantastic game that wasn’t acknowledged for years, until it came onto the iOS and game marketplaces. It’s a beautifully programmed game that needs its love. Especially Magneto’s infamous line.

7. God Hand:

Does anybody remember God Hand? Really? God Hand? Made by Clover Studios? The most underrated 3D-Plane Beat’Em up game there is? No? Okay…

SERIOUSLY! How can one not know God Hand, one of the 3 characters of Clover Studios! God Hand was one of the craziest games I’ve experienced and watched being played. It’s hype meter will never go down. IT’S ALWAYS FARTHER THAN THE MOON! That’s how amazing it is!
Warning: The Video is the Credits, Possible spoilers.

6. The Punisher:

Uploaded by narox on Youtube.
Guys, did you know that this video is the origin of all crossover games? Yes, this lead up Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom. I know, weird huh. Anyway, Capcom and Marvel got together and made this awesome Punisher arcade game that features Nick Fury. Yes, Nick Fury, Agent of Shield. I suggest that you get this game and play it.

5. All of the Tekken!

Uploaded and beautifully edited by 96UP.
Namco VS Capcom, practically two parts of the world. I grew up with Tekken to Street Fighter and back. I’ve gotten my hands on Tekken Tag 2 and I must say, it was worth it. I’ve played Tekken since Tekken 3 and I will never forget every moment of playing it! Namco, Hope your hopes and dreams come true! Also, Can I order myself a life-size Mokujin?

4. The Simpsons:

*Whistles The Simpsons theme song* Oh! Sorry. I uhh.. I really like the Simpsons. Konami has done two arcade games that are on this list that were never ported on consoles until the 7th Generation consoles. You can buy ’em off of the Xbox Marketplace or PSN. So..yeah. It’s an excellent game that needs recognising.

3. Alien VS Predator:

Ho….ly…crap. I have never seen such epicness of a game! CAPCOM! You’ve done it again! Alien VS Predator is one series that would be epic in movies but, why isn’t this on PSN nor XBOX Marketplace!? The game play is fluid, the objective is clear and the characters are awesome! A hunter, Arnold, Woman and Warrior! I think this game either should be ported onto the PSN and marketplace or re-made with such beauty and gore!

2. Scott Pilgrim:

I don’t know why people hated the movie and never read the comic. I watched the movie, read the comic and now, played the game! The movie was mind-blowing! It’s supposed to be a Jackie Chan action romance! The graphic novels are fantastic to the eyes. Such epic story writing! The game itself brings elements to other games onto Ubisoft and even makes the fights, boss battles AND zombies a worth while!

Alright..SINCE We’re about to touch the number 1 on this list, why don’t we recap?

Number R: Sonic the Fighters
Number 10: Hack and Slash Games
Number 9: Super Smash Brothers: Melee
Number 8: X-Men Arcade
Number 6: The Punisher
Number 5: Tekken Series
Number 4: The Simpsons: Arcade
Number 3: A.V.P: Alien VS Predator: Arcade
Number 2: Scott Pilgrim VS The World

And Game Rekon’s Number 1 Beat ’em up game is…

1.Final Fight

Uploaded by Machinima

Mike Haggar, Cody and Guy, three heroes to save Metro City and Jessica Hagger. This world is too corrupted to pass by and this game is too mind blowing to pass. If you get the game, get a second player. Believe me, it’s the best choice you have. You people with your Calls of Duties and your Pessies 2012, you call those games? This is an arcade game of CHAMPIONS! And if you don’t agree…

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