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Epic Mickey 2: Preview

Quick Brief

“Epic Mickey 2: Power of Two” developed by Junction point and Published by Disney Interactive Studios. Epic Mickey 2 is an Action-Adventure game, as well as Sequel to First Installment “Epic Mickey” which will be Available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U(Mid December) and Windows PC.

How does the Story Start?

You will notice that Mickey is back! Through television and shows that Epic Mickey 2 is far away from Epic Mickey part 1, but again Mad Doctor returns to Epic Mickey 2 and claims to help the people of Wasteland to repair the damaged town.
“Wasteland was Damaged because of an earthquake”

Epic Mickey 2 Buzz

Epic Mickey 2: Power of Two takes your mind back to the 90’s but in High Definition, just like Epic Mickey Part one. what we have tried is not the 100% ready Epic Mickey 2 but it sure does look promising. The reason I am sad is that Epic Mickey 2 is the sequel, it won’t be fair play if this game gets 10 out of 10 because we did not finish the game yet. Stay tuned for the review which is scheduled for early next Week.

Co-op Fun

Epic Mickey 2 has one big difference that is 2 Player Co-op. So if you are in trouble or bored you can always have your friend help you, making it more fun by being Oswald. Oswald is Playable by Second player.

What’s the Fuzz about Localization?

It is truly something epic, Epic Mickey with 100% Arabic Localization including the “complete Voice over” for all the characters in the game, Just like Mickey Mouse Show on Arabic Channel with Perfect Sync of Language in the Game for Middle Eastern Gamers. So that you feel you are playing an Arabic Show of Mickey Mouse, We are definitely looking forward to the naturalization.

Is Cuteness still Alive?

Obviously! Once Disney is involved in a game, you will definitely find cuteness in the particular game. Epic Mickey 2 has a strong hold of cuteness, fun and tasks that make you say “Wonder why I am 40 and Still can’t solve the Task”. I would say the word Imagination is less, If I said this game is all thanks to imagination.

Make sure you read our review which is scheduled for early next week.

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