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Final Thoughts

Epic Mickey 2, the sequel to the Epic Mickey franchise was perfect and heart warming. You can find your childhood in this game because every grownup has seen Mickey Mouse once or forever in his life. Good grasp of story, blend of colors and innovative toon-level platformer.

Overall Score 80%

Epic Mickey 2: Review “Childhood Reborn”

Epic Mickey 2: Power of Two is one fantastic toon platformer game, developed by Junction Point and distributed by Disney Interactive. Warren Spector is the Creative Director, Junction Point is behind this masterpiece. All of those Disney Mickey Mouse characters such as Mickey Mouse the Protagonist, Oswald the lucky rabbit and Oswald’s Love Ortensia are playing the lead role but Mickey Mouse and Oswald are the only character’s who are playable.

How are the Graphics?

What do you expect from a toon game? Creative toon graphics and a blend of colors. Trust me it is going to break your expectations, if you are cartoon lover or a Mickey Mouse childhood fan. Graphical work has been stable and looks like you are playing the animated story back from 1930’s the ones where original Mickey Mouse stories used to be enjoyable and fun.

Mickey Mouse, Oswald, Ortensia etc. Characters are highly detailed to keep up with HD Gaming and 1930 toons together and they came up with high detailed and exact characters from vintage Mickey mouse series.

Graphical work on scenery, shops, Disney’s Castle, clouds is unbelievably amazing which makes it “Childhood Reborn” with colored toon instead of black and white. But once you see the details in the game, specially on the brick walls, cloud you will know what I am talking about.

Short Synopsis

The most entertaining part; “Gameplay”, Oswald and Mickey is Back to wasteland! “Wasteland is a town in Epic Mickey 2 set with interesting challenges such as fixing something for them etc. also with good story held throughout the game. Even if you are 50 years old, trust me you are going to have hard time finishing the game, but it is still “Enjoyable”. Certain levels in the game are mind-challenging and take you back to the past.

Mickey Mouse wakes up in his bed after hearing Gus’s voice on the television. Gus has Build a device to contact Mickey later you, as in Mickey jumps right into the television and finds yourself in Sid’s Lab and find a paintbrush which becomes Mickey’s weapon that sprays paint or thinner.

Oswald’s long ears can also act as propellers

In the middle of story, you meet Mad Doctor once again, who Mickey defeats in Epic Mickey part 1; declares himself to be normal and helping wasteland to rebuild broken town due to Earth quake but Mickey and Oswald do not completely believe Mad doctor but hope so.

Now Ladies and Gentle Gamer’s, I can assure you the ending is perfect, with an exciting touch of mood and music. You may play it again if you are fan of Disney’s creation like me.

What you actually feel when you play Epic Mickey 2?

To be honest it took me back from 2012 to 1930 because that’s where the classic Mickey Mouse lived. I find this game difficult at certain points because there are different structures that are not marked. Also certain jumps are hard for me because of my quick judging behavior.

if you want to play the game from a different camera angle, you can manipulate the camera angle for your comfort.

You feel more likely to relieve stress and be comfortable because Epic Mickey 2 provides you something more especially if you are Mickey Mouse Die-Hard fan you might feel to skip supper and continue playing till it ends.

What character can you play?

In Epic Mickey 2, you can mainly play Mickey Mouse and if you are playing it in Co-op UI oswald is playable in split screen. Playing Co-op will help you finish the task or challenges rather quickly. Playing with a friend or siblings can add a little more fun to the game because it makes it more adventurous.

Basics and combat moves

Basic moves are

Helicopter Glide (Note- You have to throw Oswald in air in order to glide Through Oswald’s long ears which transform into Propellers)
Spin Move

Combat moves are

Mickey’s Paint (Note- It is Blue in color and bloats the enemies or objects)
Mickey’s Thinner (Note- It is Green in color and erases toon objects and dissolves bloating enemies)
Oswald’s Electricity (Note- shoots a steady beam of electricity forward)
Oswald’s Boomarmerang (Note- Oswald’s arm is detachable, he throws it and comes it back like boomerang)

Can you enjoy classic Mickey Mouse Music?

Definitely! Epic Mickey 2: Power of Two has Musical Element and set of moody classic Mickey music throughout the game including Loading Screen, Completing Challenges or completing the story. You will find Mickey or Mad doctor Singing in between when you see Video Conversations. Junction Point and Disney were pretty smart to bring in old and actual music back from 30’s Mickey Mouse.

    Arabic Localization has different set up for Mickey Mouse Music.

One of the main features: Arabic Localization

Yes, one of main features in Epic Mickey 2: Power of two is the Arabic Localization for Middle Eastern gamers who can enjoy Mickey Mouse in Arabic, supported with subtitles and Playback Music where it takes you to the Arabic series of Mickey Mouse, including lip sync with accurate wordings in Arabic.

This is a smart move by Disney because many people find English inconvenient and in this case they can feel more convenient because for most of them Arabic is the only language they can navigate. Many other games in stores did not make it a successful localized but Epic Mickey 2 has accurate and appropriate Language Usage while other games have lacked grammar and proper wordings.

Why should I buy this game?

If you are a Mickey Mouse and Epic Mickey-1 Fan or lover. If you love to relieve your stress after an exhausting day, or just love to dip yourself in sweet old memories of your childhood.

This platformer will be releasing regular dditions on 18th of November of 2012 in North America and 23rd of November in Europe on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii and Junction Point is working on a Wii U version of the game.

Our verdict on Epic Mickey 2: Power of Two

Epic Mickey 2, the sequel to the Epic Mickey franchise was perfect and heart warming. You can find your childhood in this game because every grownup has seen Mickey Mouse once or forever in his life. Good grasp of story, blend of colors and innovative toon-level platformer.

We rate it 8.5 out of 10 and it is one of the best games to relieve all day tension compare to other toon or platformer games, because of it’s kind quoting it “Toon Reborn”

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