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Fair Verdict over Xbox One’s Reversed DRM Policy, 499$ Price tag, Region Lock | Game Rekon

Microsoft revealed its Next Generation Console at #XboxReveal and moreover at E3 Expo, since they changed a-lot after hearing the feedback from Critics and Consumer over the world. Many went crazy over DRM policy which was reversed earlier this week [BRAKE! 180 TURN], DRM policy was to stop you from buying used games and Internet connection would be Essential to operate Xbox One.

Cold Fingers

paranoid kinect xbox one

Microsoft first announced that Kinect would be switched on as long as your console is switched on, which kind of spooked me since Microsoft could provide information to NSA in order to NSA’s Prism” which was supposed to be a Surveillance program to reduce terrorism or criminal activity.

Even though being unclear Yes, Gamer spread’s crime right?

That has been one of the worst lines I have expected from News anchor who always blame Gaming for Crime and Terrorism Activity. Meh, Who cares! but we should since Gaming gets a bad reputation however its something that helps us sleep better, mentally prepared and also gives us One hell of a Entertainment!

Later, Microsoft told that we can turn off the Kinect when not in use, but what if “Kinect is just pretending to be off and can still hear and see without us noticing it? could be, you know. just like many other inventions are “Classified” this days, I meant “Its obvious, this days we are unaware of so many things above our head.

To be honest, I got myself Kinect for Xbox 360 because It looked so Wall-E type gizmo that i could not handle myself but instead just head to store and got it. Worst scenario was that I almost forgot that I’ve got a Kinect! just played it once, ever since I swear that I did not use it but I packed it back in box so that I do not spoil it completely.

Unlike Xbox 360, we won’t be able to disconnect the Kinect from Xbox One but we could turn off..this does not make sense at all. If we can turn it off why not unplug Kinect and save space on the rack or should I consider getting a Wider TV Rack? I wouldn’t enjoy Kinect or any other motion gaming ever! why so much hate? Well..Motion gaming is not a thing for many of us, Instead I am more than happy to stick with Controllers.

100$ Ticket to Xbox Exclusive’s


Microsoft revealed the standalone console will cost at 499$ [USD] that means Xbox One costs 100$ more than its Japanese Rival “PlayStation 4” but we all have one great reason with two sub-reasons, Hah! Halo 5 and Forza Motorsports 5 is two great games that push us to buy Xbox console every single time! Halo; Master chief, A legendary Game Character or shall we call him “Hero”, Forza Motorsports; High-class racing game with Top Gear team supporting the developers in Forza 4! now what next? Let us hope the best.

Forza Motorsports and Halo are Great Franchise that has pushed us to buy Xbox, Must Admit it! This two games were announced at E3 This year which was anyway going to bring many gamers that love racing or shoot. Soon after they have cleared the DRM Policy, many Xbox 360 gamers who changed their direction to PlayStation 4 took a U-Turn to Xbox One which of course, includes me because I did not change my direction but I will be getting both of the consoles.

100$ Might be more to digest, but I am willing to pay 100$ more just for Halo and Forza. Why? Because No other shooter has story alike Halo or Gran Turismo which does not offer deep customization. Doesn’t mean I am against Gran Turismo, but just a verdict since Gran Turismo has True color and Better graphics which Forza doesn’t but what Forza has is Authentic Handling, Sound but it is less authentic due to its Graphics.

100$ might cost more to many because as you all know by now that Kinect is an Essential Accessory for Xbox One like PlayStation 4 and PS Vita but I do not care about Vita or the Kinect..To be honest, I don’t care about anything unless I get to play the console with a controller not with some fancy motion accessory or handheld peripheral!

Deciding PAL or NTSC Console?


Microsoft will continue with its Region locked system since it has been one of the reasons behind the game’s market especially in this region the gray market offers variety of prices when it comes to PlayStation since most of them ship it from states which particularly is NTSC but with Xbox they have to get the PAL, out of many offer A bit high price for Xbox compare to Authorized Retailers.

To be honest, It’s a Wise decision but it could have been better but does not change much for me since I Honestly buy from Retails.

Where it mainly plays the role is “Collectors or Regional Limited Edition” which means Collectors edition that are specifically different in a Country or Region, many of us love to Buy Collectors edition but at times when a Collector editions are limited to a region, we have to Ship Collectors edition and Buy the Regional Game since if my Xbox was Not regional locked, I would not spend an extra 60$ on purchasing a game that is PAL.

In The End

In the End, I am going to buy Xbox One because I am Forza and Halo Fan boy! and I will obviously get both consoles but thing that gets me when it comes to Xbox is the controller and my Xbox Friends! who I enjoy playing with since both consoles have paid online multiplayer service, it won’t be easy to judge any next generation console till 2014 Q4 when we get an estimated sales of console globally. [Sigh: Would keep the Kinect in box, switched off but connected]

Why you should get the Xbox One? All those features! Skype, All in One Entertainment System, Xbox Exclusives and for Motion gamer freak’s “KINECT” which performs better than PS Eye, Not Biased but just a Personal Fair Verdict.