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The Big Talk | Fight Obesity with Video Games

Obesity and Diabetes have been Normal around us, In U.A.E. 25% are Diagnosed with Diabetes and 33.7& are diagnosed with Obesity. Now this is happening due to Current Generation’s Lifestyle, Where Video Games are most likely to be Blamed for Obesity and Diabetes in Teenagers.

Video Games are blamed most likely because everyone loves playing it on couch front of their Television for hours and hours, but Video Games have created vast spaces in our Lifestyle..Video Games shape your mind by strengthening Decision Time and fastens your Fingers. but few Games such as Kinect Enabled, PS Move Enabled or Wii Motion Games increases your Physical Activity which burns Calories, shapes your Body as well as Rejuvenate your Mind also this can help fight Diabetes as long as you are on foot but not on Couch.

Video Game Console Companies like Sony,Microsoft and Nintendo have made Kinect,Move like Peripherals that Provide Lot of physical Gaming Which includes Football,Tennis,Shooting,Racing or Dancing. World of technology and Gaming is Continuously Developing with more Authenticity of Real World.

My Picks for Best Motion Gaming Experience are :

For PS Move

1)Zumba Fitness
2)Killzone 3
3)Heavy rain
4)Time Crisis 4
5)Mel B

For Xbox Kinect

1)The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout
2)Dance Central 2
3)Kinect Sports 1/2
4)Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
5)Virtua Tennis 4

Wii has Slow and Compromised Quality of Gameplay and Motion Gaming Entertainment i would say the only game that is liable with Wii is Wii Sports. though seeing Wii U starts that small spark of Hope which maybe the best Motion Gaming Console of 2013, but still helps burn calories.

Pros and Cons of Physical Video Games


1)Time Saver for those who struggle with busy lifestyle and has no time for paying visit at Gym.
2)Better than Couch Gaming,
3)more Authentic to real life.
4)Reasonable Solution to Gym or Trainer Fees. instead of paying AED 400/- for Gym Fees you can opt out for AED 249- 269/-
5)Easy Interface and More Privacy, Can easily interface through what kind of Game/Training you prefer with 100% your wished Privacy.


1)Fresh Atmosphere and Authentic Gym workout is different.
2)Social Life gets Dunked, you won’t meet new friends at Gym anymore.
3)May hit someone nearby, who knows what you do when you are in full mood!
4)You may feel Homesick and Fatigued.
5)Game Hardware sometimes cost a little too much

Off the topic, No matter if you are Army Officer,Fashion Designer,Gym Trainer/Trainee,Sportsman,Hardcore Gamer, or Simulation Lover Video games like Battlefield, Sims, Sports series, Call of Duty, Flight simulator X have strong influence over the years in helping people to train,Release Stress or No Matter you want to lose weight.Don’t Blame Video Games for your Deeds, You are surrounded by Opportunities like Kinect and Move. so, Keep em’Coming and Keep Playing Old school or Physical no matter what you play, what matters is ‘are you playing’?

but this does not mean I am against Gym* Depends on how and what you choose to do.

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