First Impression

First Impression | PES 2015 “Speed and the Features, a Wrapping Improvement”

An important disclosure about pes 2015 which this first impression article would be written about, is that we only played threw two 1vs1 on a un-updated version of the software and only experienced it for 20 min or-so we can not confirm what i am about to tell you from the new features that could be possibly added later on but i could tell you what the new features sheet that LS2 Pluto PR team has provided us on behalf of Konami. Though what truly is in effect but from what we saw from old footage of pes 2014 compared to the 2015 and that we have confirmed with their P.R team that they are using the new fox engine for this year pes 2015.

did konami really bring new changes to the in game of pes 2015?

They added a new goal and shooting mechanics  as they boast it adds precise aim and control over the powershot of the ball and unlimited shot styles. This I did experience ingame at the free shots and corner shots though from what I experienced the buttons are bit in the sensitive side and you can mistakenly over-power a kick so I recommend playing with bit of settings to get the right sweet spot in  charging  in the game options. Konami added goalkeeper intuitiveness; Talking about that, At that particular game we used Al Ahli (Emirati Football club) and one random European club, and its power was in the 69, the goal keepers we experienced were keen sometimes as well as they know how to screw with you, them being too smart or suddenly uncaring of your attacks.

Konami also worked on defensive play! My experience in defensive based was short, since I played it really aggressively though taking the ball is now harder since now you have to reach and control the ball as its momentum in the game and not get the super glue effect on the ball where you have too just simply touch and take the ball,

New behavioural patterns for the players they boast that they have recorded over 1000 player look and way of play and attitude and special moves ingame and adopt their real life  game plan automaticly  from  defensive minded play  too their counter play and the team would act as their real life counterparts in attitude and while scoring or getting foul and they also enhanced standard model play. They also enhanced the game player model animations. what I experienced I can atest to that Players were more human like in gameplay with the human like somewhat sluggish movement you can tell it is almost a real authentic human, but you still sort of think they could’ve been a bit faster in actions sometimes since it lacks the persistent flow.

Better crowd animations and visual flavors are added to them, I can say that they don’t look like zombies anymore which sometimes does happen in previous installment “PES 2014” version but alas maybe so in more plays in this one? and they added between 20-25 animation movements for the crowds along with different colored clothing and visual  looks so there’s that.

Let there be light a single main light source with better shadow casting. welp! that one is also true visually, Indeed it looked that way, but closely you kind of see anti-analise effect not as strongly as you hope it to be but my guess is it was a small sacrifice for a better and smoother gameplay since anything higher would be prone too twitching..

Press Exclusive Preview of Konami's PES 2015 at Golden Hall Dubai

Press Exclusive Preview of Konami’s PES 2015 at Golden Hall Dubai

This section is the manager side of the I have not played or experienced so excuse me informedness. My club an extensive overhaul in the master league use accumulated GP or micro transactions with in club dealings agents are now used to meet player requirement criteria  and moral of a single moody can effect the team play on auto match  and infield play soo team spirit is key in 2015 version so you better treat your players well.

Live weekly updates and dlc’s where their stats would be managed as their real life play for example if a player is on a goaling streak in some week his state’s would be boosted .

Adaptable match environments you can now control your field grass growth, for long grass to slow down short kicks or even shorten it for better passing style and you can manage any side of your stadium to your advantage. Konami vasily enhanced second tier leagues data bases and upcoming players to the scouts. Let’s not miss out the Role control which allows three players to divide the defensive midfield and attacking roles between them for more structure multi-player action this new mode means players govern their selected area and adds a new cooperative slant to the game..Let’s not miss out that, you can now be a real manger from the football league. new currency GP system where you will earn points threw achievements and My club games.

Unlimited edit modes stadium editor is back now! And also adding manger editor a new player editor, presentations overhaul simpler more effective menu system that remembers your prefered modes for quicker access. In Addition, Quickmatch faster ranked matches ups, Online divisions acquire points in line matches across a season to aim a promotion or face delegation, Dedicated 11v11 lobbies easier and more fluid game setup, new anti cheating measures have been added, 3D Rain / Weather has been added to the system in PES 2015, Master league has revised the structure for player growth transfer managers and also, auto match settings new cutscenes, Become a legend training modes enhanced specific bal match simulations, new transfer, recruitment system including a second tier league and national super cups implemented to Konami’s upcoming PES 2015 Installment.

Licensed soundtrack that is about to motivate your brain to make that small move to the Gym includes Cold war kids, “The Gym motivation guy” Calvin Harris, Imagine Dragons and Avicii.

Well people this is the gist of the new features I could tell you about I hope most of them interest you about the new features, Please comment below of what you think and Do like us on Facebook!

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