GDC | New Official and Unofficial Details Announced about the PS4 and the Controller

During Sony’s overview of PS4 for developers panel at Game Developer Conference, We got a few details about the PlayStation 4′s hardware but mostly the DualShock 4 controller.


Here are the features:

– The DualShock 4′s touch pad uses 2-point touch and tactical click,  touchpad’s resolution is 1920×900

– All DualShock 4 buttons are now digital, except the triggers.

– The DualShock 4′s analog sticks have reduced dead zone and tighter control.

– There are four colors for the DualShock 4′s light bar: blue, red, green, and pink (corresponding wight he face button colors).

– PS4 controllers can be synced to both the system and specific user accounts.

– The PS4 now recharges controllers while powered off.

– Remote play on the PS4 can be accessed through the local network and/or Internet.

– Remote play is now seamless, and doesn’t require activating a specific remote-play mode like with PS3.

– The PS4′s software can map buttons that doesn’t exist on the Vita.

– PS4 purchases can be queued for auto-download from other devices (mobile, PC).

– The PS4 camera features head tracking, facial recognition, and speech recognition. Both its cameras are color.

– The PS4 camera contains a 3-axis accelerometer/tilt sensor to assist with leveling when setting up.

– The camera’s game-loop sync taps into games to determine how much information is being processed, scaling back or ramping up that information based on the game’s needs.

– One of the conceptual ideas discussed involved the PS4 camera’s auto-correct feature, which would theoretically recognize which side (left or right) players are sitting, and adjust the split-screen to reflect their seating arrangement—even if they switch sides.

– PlayStation 4 profiles will have two identities: true names (with picture) and PlayStation Network ID (with avatar). Plays can choose which is publicly displayed. True names will be shown if friends are added through Facebook or the true name search, but much like Facebook’s privacy settings, these options can be modified.

– The developers at the Game Developer Conference panel used in-game choices as an example of the PS4′s emphasis on social gaming, saying that the PS4 would allow you to see what choices your friends made as compared to you.

– Developers can set chapter markers in PS4 games, which can in turn be used as reference points for the Share option.

– The panelists also emphasized the simplicity and ease with which players will be able to edit video using the Share function.

Not all of these functions were confirmed, such as the auto-correct feature, are conceptual. Others, while confirmed features, have yet to be expanded upon by Sony.

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