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GTA 5 Spoilers,Official/Unofficial updates and Screenshots

Rockstar Has Already Released much of the Game? well, does this show the Release is Near or Perhaps this Fall?
Rockstar has been releasing lot of Screenshot(s) showing Para-gliding(As Sports),Dirt Biking(Sports), Flying Fighter Jet(Hydra Most Probably), Playing Tennis(Friend Invites such in GTA 4), Burnout of Exotic Car etc.

It sure looks promising enough for Open world and GTA Series Players, Rockstar has not released any official Launch Date but coming out of Nowhere Rockstar has been Releasing official Screenshot(s) earlier last week

Releasing Lot of Screenshot(s) all of a sudden might be something like Release of Grand Theft Auto 5 is Near who knows it might Release Fall of 2012

Well, GTA 5 is Placed in Los Santos its pretty clear what’s not clear is the Protagonist and Story of Gameplay though Graphics are Great and Appreciative whereas there is no compromise on Graphics as seen in Screenshot of Hydra and Trailer of the Game,

Grand Theft Auto 5 will have Side Activities such as Jet-skiing, Cop-Chases(Vigilante), Racing(Dirt Bike/Exotic/Golf/Tennis) and earlier this year lot of Authenticity related News were in the Air such as Cop will try to stop you by Foot Chase, Pull you over if you are speeding etc., Flying Planes which Lacked in GTA 4 though the Graphics seems Faster,Better then ever might require lot of power for Consoles and PC as well

Rockstar has no official Statement over Graphic Engine Upgrade but Trailer says it all isn’t it?

Official Detail(s)

1)Location : Los Santos
2)Planes as Flyable
3)Protagonist is Criminal Trying to Escape
4)Trains can be Driven as well as in the form of Transportation
5)Army Takes you down
6)Dirt Biking
7)GTA 5 is 4 Times Bigger then GTA 4
8)Has Animals
9)Shooting Mechanics have Greater Authenticity
10)No More Dating
11)Using People as Shield
12)Weapons Customization is Available on certain Weapons

Unofficial Detail(s)

1)48 Cars
2)5 Bikes
3)1 Plane (+1 Fighter Jet Maybe Hydra which was seen in Screenshot)
4)10 Helicopters
5)25 Boats
6)9 Trains
7)Vehicle Customization
8)Carl Johnson and cesar vialpando will Appear in GTA 5
9)GTA 5 will be having Hunting of Animals
10)GTA 5 might have Side Missions similar to GTA San Andreas

Biplane over a County

Bad-Boys 2 Style Cop Chase


Realistic Cop Chase

Tennis as Side Activity?

Cheeta Burnout

Fighter Jet: Is it Hydra?



Infernus Chase

No comments.

Police Maverick

Max Payne 3 Files Actually had GTA 5 Car List Hidden which was first seen 6 Days After Release also Believed as Easter Egg.

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