Injustice 2 Rumors’ as E3 is round the corner

Injustice: Gods Among us also known as “Injustice: Mighty Among us” as we all know that we enjoyed this game off and online as well, something about the roster is going to go huge this time including that this would be available on Next-Generation console such as PlayStation 4 & Xbox One. Most of us, are waiting for E3 Expo, California’ taking place in mid-june! unfortunately, this year..we won’t be covering the event but we sure will be tracking the news online & via Press releases. officials’ have been quiet silent about Injustice 2, however, we are quite sure that this is a big news of the day!

on the other side, I am confused whether its really necessary to come up with the title so’s why I think its quite early for 2nd title, first of all, most of us haven’t played the game yet and few of us have. second reason is that the game needs some time like Mortal Kombat, kicking things up would.

Stay tune to for Official Press Release & more updates on E3′

Source: Maximilian Dood