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Is Codemasters’ F1 2014, A Step behind?

Formula One has been one of those sports where legends like Niki Lauda or Michael Schumacher are chanted every single lap! not sure about others but for me these two are the forever legends. I do not support the amateurs however as they are more of sponsored gimmick than real talent of driving, not criticising since driving a F1 automobile isn’t easy either. however, the main point ticking me off is the Codemasters lately.. Grid franchise was one of good attempts by suppose to be better than their first installment in some aspects of the creator but epic fail in my opinion since the game was too focused on new windshield wiper motion with rain physics or how the vehicle steers but where did the entire gaming experience go in the end, when the title was released as one of the biggest cliche, I waited for.

Codemasters used to be one of the only developers I appreciated, after Nintendo & EA Games as back in the day when my options used to be limited to Mario, Need for Speed, Toca and 1nsane. We’d still go with First two installments of Dirt, first installment of Grid but even with the Dirt franchise..the game was clearly unbalanced and  went too much gymkhana with destruction derby sort of theme then its main purpose [Looks like someone needs active lane keeping assistance] .. Enough with the criticism? well, as a consumer and a journalist..I find codemasters’ titles more of indie project that deserves to be on kickstarter, wait! Projects on kickstarters are better than this in various points such as one of the key aspects of developer is passion and desire to make such simulator games like F1 highly authentic as possible since nobody tries to find fun factor in such genre but difficulty eventually becomes fun yet “passion and desire” is nowhere to find anymore as they should not spoil the franchise but try to make it better in every way. we don’t buy simulation games just for the sake of high graphics or way better handling but a perfect balance of everything which includes the Effects, Graphics, Authenticity, and Sound to feed all the needs of user experience.

Is this new a parody or actual gameplay footage of formula one series? “Top of the line arcade 2008 level of graphics-sums it all up!”

we are few days away from the launch of this year’s F1 Installment / F1 2014. It sort of looks like a fake gameplay footage, if you’d ask me regardless of if you are going to either way that would’ve not stopped me from speaking out my opinion on the footage..It sort of doesn’t look like this game is even half stage ready for next-generation consoles, we have at least seen all game dev’s working hard on graphics side ever since the introduction of next generation console by SCEE and Xbox but folks at Codemasters! are too goddamn busy with their new features such as suspension-shock absorber sound and tire feedback, but missing out the main point of engine sound.. I do know that the F1 cars are now running on 1.6 litre turbo-charged engine fitted with electric motor but that doesn’t mean it sounds like a small capacity vacuum cleaner; not sure if that’s the inner sarcasm or the anger but try hearing carefully in the above footage as any F1 car has continuous shifts and so-on, but the shifts look dead.

the F1 game I played in 2013 is almost similar to this upcoming installment, now it seems quite hard for to understand If developers even worked on this game at some point but new billboards, suspension effects as seen when the vehicle went on rumble strip in the apex of the track..oh! and I have seen few gameplays on YouTube and in the end, Codemasters did not bring in the Realistic damage.  I don’t feel this are the only new features to offer the gamer. Common Codies, Back in the day..F1 on PlayStation One was better, in 2014..Developers have so much software and level of geeky tech, that they can make the best out of it!

Now I am not kind-of coming at the end with final verdict since I’ve watched F1 even the LeMans 24 in the real as a spectator of course, but the games have specially games from codemasters previously always had you anticipated since they were the one to bring authentic simulation kind of video games from the day of WRC and now.. it’s the other way around, When you see a CM game “Its the same game just sort of minimal differences”  This particular installment makes you feel that codemasters’ aren’t even trying nor do you feel it is meant for next-gen consoles. Apart from the criticism, I will definitely buy the game in-order to review its new features of at least not 8-bit graphics.

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