Mysterious Indie “Richard & Alice” coming to Steam

capsule_lgRichard & Alice is an Indie “Adventure” Developed by Owl Cave and Mastertronic will be publishing it. Richard & Alice takes you to the journey where Mystery & Prisoners with Secrets of their own combine. Game will be Available on Steam for USD 5.99, compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8..Download size of the game is 91MB that provides you with Indie experience that comes with Fantastic weather Mysterious fun.

Official Words

Lewis Denby from Owl Cave, commented “It’s a great thing to see Richard & Alice heading for Steam. This is a game we decided to make because we wanted to explore character stories in video games, and the original plan was for a small game we could make quickly and move on from. But now here we are writing quotes for the Steam release PR campaign. It’s quite something!”

Ashton Raze from Owl Cave, added “I am very excited to see Richard & Alice on Steam, because it meant I got to design trading cards and emotes. This was a lifelong dream of mine, and finally that dream became a reality. The game being on Steam in itself is exciting but TRADING CARDS! Seriously. The achievements were right fun too. You’ll not find things like this in a novel.” 

Andy Payne, CEO of Mastertronic, said “It is both an honour and a pleasure to work with Lewis and Ashton as we love ‘Richard & Alice’. We wanted to help bring their work to a wider audience on digital platforms and shine a few extra lights on this wonderful game. Narrative in games is a personal passion of mine, I hope this game finds its way into many, many game players hearts and minds. It deserves to.”

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