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New WWE 2K14 Details…well kind off


Canadian retailer Future Shop has revealed new details for the WWE 2K14 video game on their official listing:

* Select your wrestler from the WWE pantheon of legendary stars.

* Cool visual elements includes historic WWE video footage, classic images, multi-camera angles, and detailed cut scenes.

* Highly immersive audio environment brings out the raw emotional power of the crowd as they react to your performance.

* Unlock exciting new content and wrestlers.

* Addictive game play features intuitive controls and creates a sense of escalation throughout the matches.

* WWE Career mode lets you create the epic legend of your rise from wrestling rookie to celebrated megastar


Yeah, I know it’s not much but hey it’s something, Lately we did not hear anything for WWE 2K14 since last developer was out of it. We can say as E3 Expo comes near, We can expect more updates from every developer.

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