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One Take on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Shock after shock! Activision keep shocking their fans by making unwanted storylines after they shared their trailer they had 3,208,504 dislikes exactly and it’s increasing so far.

Speaking about the trailer they highlighted more about the campaign where they explained some of the in game scenarios, characters and it will be set in the far future where it becomes more nonsense to a lot of Call Of Duty gamers. At E3 2016, Activision revealed extended gameplay footage, it also appears as though the campaign will stick to the tried-and-true Call of Duty formula, albeit in an outer space setting , there will also be side missions in campaign part of the game, but it still hasn’t been revealed yet!

about how it will work, as for the multiplayer they haven’t shown whole lot of scenes in the trailer but hopefully they will keep the boost on the ground as we don’t need any super jumps in it and as we know there will be a beta when you pre-order, where you’ll be able to try it out, in addition to zombies at

gamescom 2016, Activision released a trailer notifying us that there will be a zombie mode called “Zombies in Spaceland” now I really hope it will be awesome as Black ops 1 zombie mode, as for the Call of Duty fans there will be three editions to the game if you’d like to buy the standard edition of the game, the Digital Deluxe Edition, the Legacy Edition, which comes with Infinite Warfare of course as well as a remastered version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. There’s also the Legacy Pro Edition which is basically the ultimate offer which includes Call Of Duty infinite warfare, a season pass, and not to forget our beloved Call Of Duty Modern Warfare remastered version with a campaign and 10+ multiplayer maps , which is sadly exclusive to GameStop which means it will be quite hard to find this specific edition in official retailers, fans can try their luck in the Gray market or import it themselves.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be available on November 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Boy! It’s surely going to be a heads on competition with EA’s upcoming Battlefield 1 and Activision’s space gimmick “Call of Duty Infinite warfare” we can’t judge it till we actually play it. Games that often entertain gamers via trailers don’t succeed that much as compared to less milked ones. Let’s hope that we don’t get a lot of no man’s sky in the future.