Xbox One

Play as “Stanlee” in Lego Marvel Superheroes

Yes, you watched him create some of the Best Superheroes, Draw some of the Best Comics and Now you will be able to play him in the Lego’s Marvel Superheroes along Super Heroes like Wolverine, Iron Man or Dead pool, An upcoming 2013 Action Adventure Lego game by UK Based Developer and Publisher ‘Traveller’s Tale’ that will be available on Current Generation consoles such Nintendo Wii U, DS, 3DS, PlayStation 3, PS Vita Xbox 360 and Next Generation consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One also PC Gamers be Happy! Its coming on PC as’s expected to release around November, later this Year.

“With Great Superheroes comes Great Artist”

that’s exactly what we are going to get in this game! Stanlee has made lots of appearances including TV Shows and Marvel Cartoons. Stanlee was playable in Last year’s The Amazing Spiderman

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