Preview | WWE 2K14 Hands-on

gr Preview 2013Meeting Madame Erica, Product and PR Manager Export of 2K was a great moment as she explained Team GR “all new features and ad-dons that are first time introduced to WWE Game and my first hands-on experience of the game was quite deep and interesting, few moments after playing the game my first feel was (Oh My God) everything feels and looks like WWE Live events from Seat but the difference is “You’re Interacting with the chosen superstar”, Kudos to 2K for bringing back WWE Game Franchise.


Graphics are something that’s really worked upon not just in this game but in almost every other game but in sports genre the main issue is when developers are unable to keep the balance of performance and visual quality of graphics, usually what happens is the frame rate’s are slower and the visual quality looks fine or in case 2, frame rate’s are faster and displays grisly visual quality and that results in awful-unpleasing game experience. Period. [Spoiler!] 2K has worked hard on this by finding right balance between performance and visual quality, Crowd and Crowd Signs are much more detailed compare to older editions of the game, but overall graphics of the game have some Pros and Cons..

Beginning with Pros, you can see the sweat, Blood, Attire, Shiny superstar accessories are clearly shiny which proves dedication of development team. Cons are lacks authenticity when it comes to Skin tone, Eye reflection and Natural Hair color and movement.  We Hope a lot from 2K, as we always did!


Movements are faster and much more improvised compared to the previous versions of WWE Games. Reversal is very responsive depending on how accurate you are on those triggers, compare to previous editions of WWE games. this is a good move towards that authentic wrestling feel and this addition makes the game much more predictable but at the same time quite hard especially playing against A. I Opponent not Human Opponent. Maneuverability of Superstars has been an issue for a long time except in WWE 2007 but in WWE 2K14 it seems the issue has long been resolved, which is pretty intense.


Sound effects eh? Been to WWE Live Event in Abu Dhabi (2013) experienced it Live and I can say that “The sound effects are taken up the most extent of Authenticity” It does feel like a mic has been placed beneath Ring  just so you get that extra (BAM!) Effect through Arena’s Surround Sound Speakers, Game resembles the Live Event.. Sound Effect, Music..All set?

When you witness the authenticity..


Oh my, It took me back to the days of attitude era and reminds me of those days “young generation wrestling, the background music” playlist is mixed of both classical and young generations wrestlers entrance music , So you don’t have to miss on any thought of attitude era in your young playing arena .. But you can miss the stars now in the WWE… (Smirk)


Camera Angles (Enough said!) were one of the most irritating and blood boiling problem in WWE Video Game Franchise and in the boots of THQ, They were just trying to make graphics better but making the WWE Roster look very similar to Clay made statues that can fight but since WWE Video Game brand is now owned by 2K, The game is for the first time “more than satisfying” Camera Angles are important in sports genre as much as Graphics and Sound Effects, Camera Angles are usually adjustable in Soccer games but you won’t be able to do that for now but the camera angle that’s default  in WWE 2k14 is very similar to those who witness WWE Live Event’s in Arena, Once you get the game..You will know, what I was trying to say.



WWE Roster is Huge in WWE 2K14! The game provides you with not less than 88 superstars which Includes Overrated WWE Superstar John Cena, WWE Superstar Viper aka Randy Orton, The most electrifying man in the Business Dwayne the Rock Johnson, Remus aka Sgt. Slaughter and Great Wrestlers like King Kong Bundy. Best part of WWE 2K 14 is “Roster” where you got so many characters to choose from at same time you get Wrestler’s Current Era plus the Attitude Era. For example: Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, HBK, Rick Flair, John Cena, Kane, Big Show have Current and Attitude Era Characters which means Two each..Not to be forgotten, You can customize and Redesign WWE Title belts such as WWE Champion, Heavyweight Champion and so on..can be customized according to you! Its much like sitting on McMahon’s chair..Isn’t it?

Literally, You’ve lots to choose from. . How are you going to get tired?

The game comes with the new features like changing the face appearance to the clothing style of the WWE Roster, a gamer can also add new moves to his player but sad part here is It’s restricted till quite a few players. On Developer’s desk this could be [something] they are working on or thinking to work on for future WWE Game or Future Downloadable Patch to add some extra moves to Roster. Hence, a player can also accelerate moves of the superstars.


The game is promising a complete entertainment package, the poster is very catchy  because it contains most electrifying and youngest champion of attitude the rock who is a Hollywood  fame now. The game is challenging when played with AI as it got some very fast movements  and eye-blinking reversals is challenging for simple user ,as a WWE fan, (which sure every gamer who gets this game is) can enjoy the Wrestle mania video real moments until the wrestle mania 26.

What can be Improved?

Probably the game we tested was not complete version and this is the first time 2K is driving the WWE Video Game Van even though that’s part of the truth, here’s my honest opinion on what can be a Naturalized Version of the Game offering Arabic Commentary and Arabic Interface, Customizable Camera Angle, More Customizable features for Superstars and few Cons I mentioned earlier under Graphics Paragraph.

I haven’t Finished yet, I am just out of words

Phenom Edition Spectacular overall with one of its kind collector’s edition “Phenom edition” of WWE 2K14 is one [Hellova] edition that comes with Card that’s personally signed by Undertaker by his own bare hands! Coffin shaped Tin case that comes with Undertaker’s Streak Wrestle mania Matches DVD, Exclusive American Badass(DLC), Phenom Controller skin(Vinyl) and Ultimate Warrior(DLC). Phenom Edition comes at 357 AED “one of the most attractive price compare to its content” at and Available on PlayStation 3 as well as Xbox 360.

To be continued in the Review…