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Project Widow, Take a tour 18th Century with Andy Serkis

Ubisoft has announced “Project Widow“, (Also Known as Guillotine – During 18th Century Paris) which takes you back to the Late 18th century amidst the bloody heart of the French Revolution. Black Widow Beta takes you to some of the darkest moments of that event, Players will see Paris in the current state as well as how it used to be. Users will be able to explore the immersive virtual world Paris in their own timeline, keep an eye out for hotsports which is rich in history, find out hidden Assassin’s Creed Unity art and videos, win prizes and exclusives as well as uncover the secrets of the assassins and revolution! Don’t forget to look at dark corners for competitions and exclusive bonus content.

Andy Serkis, British Actor – is going to be your Guide and the Narrator that offers an extraordinary user experience also a personal touch! Andy describes the revolution from his own gritty experience, he might have his own covered agenda. Black Widow launches today “25th September” in United Kingdom, Assassins Creed Unity will release on November 14th, 2014 in United Kingdom.

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Official Words

Mark Bassett, Digital Marketing Manager at Ubisoft UK, said “The night walk is a great digital concept and delivers an exciting online experience in anticipation of the blockbuster video game, Assassin’s Creed Unity.

“The teams at Biff New Media and Villain and Co have truly embraced bringing the game’s setting to life for consumers in an exciting, shareable and innovative way.”

Jodie Brock, Creative Director – Villain and Co, said “Ubisoft gave us scope to get really creative in our thinking, leading to the idea of a uniquely dark and immersive guided tour.

“We wanted to inspire gamers by breathing vivid bloody life into 18th century Revolutionary Paris, and allow them to explore its secrets, generating even more excitement about the game.”

Leigh Kirwan, Creative Director – Biff New Media  also added the project did have its challenges: “Project Widow really gave us the opportunity to push the boundaries and to explore creative and interesting ways to align it with the world of Paris during the French Revolution. It has been a huge technical undertaking but we feel we’ve managed to create a completely immersive and engaging experience for Assassin’s fans.”

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