Review | Dustforce “Platformer lives on..”

gr review 2013Capcom brings you one hell of a Platformer “Dustforce” with one hell of entertainment without gore & blood! Is Dustforce a great example of Platformers game that offers a complete entertainment for all age sorts that too without gore images? will Platformers continue entertaining in the near future? Today, we review the ultimate platformer “Dustforce”

Dustforce takes you back to 80-90’s generation when Italian Plumber called Mario & Donkey Kong ruled the gaming industry,  Platformers lack strong influence in the days of Call of Duty or Assassins Creed where blood & gore is a normal expectation by any gamer even with that gamers are not satisfied, but in this rapid growing industry of “Video game world” would Platformers still be fun and entertaining as it used to be back in the days? we all grew up playing Platformers, why we played platformers the most? It was challenging, frustrating, infinite levels, entertaining and simple enough to understand & not to forget “Colorful”

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Reviewed in words

In 2014, Generation of Fibre optic internet services or 4K Televisions or let it be world of Sony & Microsoft dominating over Nintendo..Lately, Platformers have not been mainstream such as Super Meatboy, De Blob, Teraway, Ducktales Remastered..But and its a Big but, The games were developed with perfection however lacked typical platformer like difficulty and good composed music!

Dustforce has a great blend of everything but except Blood-violence or Guns..You have got a broomstick as your primary weapon, you keep sliding along with it to dust off Slime & Leaves which is a good thing of course! having a day off from bumping cars, shooting first person or calling in a Great day off! You are buried in deep swamp of work stress and become insomniac in the night? have nothing to watch on boring television? or maybe something better..its just another boring day in vacation? sounds like cheap commercial right? well, that’s where Dustforce makes your stress vanish because of the rich game content that makes you forget your stress, forget your boring television and..your boring vacation could’ve made a new friend! Since, You might be 40 or maybe in mid-20’s and might be wondering that this game is just another platformer, but you might have mistaken the game too early & if you haven’t played it yet.


Gameplay in Dustforce..Just solid! Dustforce concept is pretty simple & creative, you are the force that kills the slime or dust that turns animals or scientists to some kind of hoovering dust bunnies, so when you combo (jump+hit) you basically release them. Forest is my favorite location in the game because of Animals & Colorful Jungle like map, you have foxes, squirrels, bears trapped in the dry leafs instead of slime as its a jungle themed. You might feel this level is easy and next might be easier and the entire game is easiest game you’ve played, but sincerely you have mistaken again! the entire game makes you feel that every jump you make is going to make next jump easier, unfortunately NO..Its just entirely you because of this game’s creative simplicity’s first impression.

Music that has been composed for Dustforce by Mr.Someone who’s name I was unable find in an essential part of the entire game which sets the perfect mood of a gamer especially on a genre like “Platformer” every evening, I decide to play some first person but again I fall in the trap of Dustforce because of the music..I am not being biased but I am exaggerated because of the game that has so much to offer. Music has definitely created its own space in Video Game Industry in my book!

There are lot of things to see in the game especially when the level goes up, it gets very difficult as it goes up. If you are trying to find a game that is hard enough, long duration of gameplay and insane level of fun & uncompromised 8-bit retro style music! you have one great choice that is “Dustforce” there are few things that words can’t describe, you can try it yourself. apologies for short review since I have created video gameplay with commentary above on GameRekonNetwork!

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Final Thoughts

Gameplay 85%
Graphics 80%
Music 100%
Final Thoughts

A Must Play Platformer! Capcom and work of Team Hitbox has showed off the power of creativity in 2014! even in the current era of Next Gen consoles and 4K TVs, you fail to find the lack of anything in the game. meanwhile, its about 2 weeks since I downloaded the game and I honestly have few games to play but I am quite stuck on it. Its all about the typical platformer-ish gameplay and overall impression.

Overall Score 88%