Review of Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate “Absolutely Gobsmacked”

review newAssassin’s Creed is Historical Open-World Action-Adventure developed and published by Ubisoft, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is 9th Installment in the series. ACS will be available on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Official launch event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates will be taking place at Adventure HQ at Time Square Mall on October 23rd, 2015 from 1pm until 4pm.

Ubisoft, one developer who actually still is fearless on attempting something new and fresh especially with their long going series of Assassin’s Creed, especially with this Syndicate installment that has me chuffed as a gamer even after a week of playing it. Believe you me! This time, it’s not the buggy pirates with fancy boats in the Black flag, or hunting down in the city of constantinople in Revelations Instead It’s about exploring England with finest piece History with a little twist, with that being said – For the first time in History of Assassin’s Creed series, Syndicate is available with Arabic voice-over, In-game text, along with subtitles. No issues that I’ve come across, although I’d personally appreciate a bit deeper voice when it comes to Arabic but either way, It’s sharp. 

Where shall I begun?

Let’s talk about the plot. Jacob and Evie Frye, Siblings.. Both are Assassins? Aye! You will be able to play as Jacob and Evie, while Evie is the First playable gal Assassin in the series, she looks forward to finding the mighty piece of Eden and Jacob building the empire of the Rooks “His gang in short” – You can switch between them although sometimes, story does not allow you to do so as it’s necessary but at the very same time, the game does not feel restrictive with very fluid story experience. crucial siblings, these both. Nothing smells better than the dock of London in the year of 1868 which Ubisoft has designed with close to perfection, In which the game is set off. Story takes you places, makes you meet historical characters to silly lad who never forgets to drag you in a little bit of mischief, you end up losing the plot. Jacob ends up creating his gang to fight off the industrialists and Templars, with a support of his sister, and a few characters. Some of you might have heard that this game includes some of the Historical figures. I was blown away as soon as Jacob & Evie happen to meet Sir Alexander Graham Bell, Inventor of Telephone followed by Charles Dickens, Great Novelist and the list goes on as you either work with them or do what you do the best!

Alright Lads, Lets get down to tunnel.. 

Despite the Goodness, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate felt a bit longer, often slowing down the pace of game which annoys you, sometimes you are weak and you have to either continue missions without upgrading since you don’t have sterling left  , die trying or play side-activities to gain skill points, so you fancy showing your shiny new kukri with topped health bar. You might find a little hard getting used to Evie, and Jacob as Evie’s female character played by Victoria Atkin is quite feminine as it should be, right? Silent, Lighter, and much more flexible than Jacob’s as this had a lot of thought put into it. Respect to the person, who thought about bringing in the female assassin, Now I guess comic con will get a lot more female assassin cosplayers, as if we already had less [Humorous, No?] Game developers did a good job with the way they get you attached to the protagonists of the game.

If you were waiting for a game that sets you off once again as a gamer, one who was kind of left due to lack of legitimate games in the recent, perhaps had no reason to keep your only console and you ended up putting it up the classified. Think again! This is that Assassin’s Creed, many have awaited, Although despite the few who shall criticize the game for being a little slow, this game is going to strengthen the Assassin’s Creed fan base in the long-run ..I shall be honest with you, This keeps you on the edge, till you finish the game apart from some hard and long missions that makes you feel totally gutted. I am not criticising it for being too long because games such deserve to be a bit slow but at times, what annoyed me personally was some parts were stretched a bit more than required. A tip to every user is Rooks have your back, Better to recruit Rooks members before you embark the restricted zone mission, put them on hold till you require them.. One thing which irritates the most is the characters either use same phrase over and over, or are visually look-alike. I would like to add that, Evie and Jacob can’t use the rifles such as muskets in the game, except your own bought handguns via Inventory. Since this is 18th century, and we have no cars back then instead carriages and the real horsepower! Different carriages, sorts style and balance of each specific carriage, I believe it could have been better on with more authentic balance and flipping over on hard turn, also custom carriage could have been a good add-on. I do feel that British history, and Interesting characters did push this installment.

Syndicate offers you side missions, and activities which are not necessarily mandatory but definitely very Interesting – Don’t cringe already and No, I am not talking about some heist or so on, but rather fighting duos in fight club, rescuing the rooks members from your rival territory, and taking over hostile territories. Few aspects of the story and side activities felt repeating. I am pretty sure you will end up judging the end of game, but I highly doubt you got that part right. It’s awful to judge and also, For those who played Unity and are comparing this to that without playing it? Don’t because this is a all-new different ballgame.. I find the ending to be a bit wicked, Top-notch story but the Ending just doesn’t do it any favour.

Thoughts, When you see it?

Talking about graphics of the game, compared to previous Assassin’s Creed Instalments, they have definitely improved it but there’s still space for betterment since the graphics do feel a little wicked when the game goes fast. Weather system and day & night cycle; Weather transition felt a bit fastened specifically when you enter a different city in game, it quite suddenly rains which is sort of bit less inauthentic so were the puddles formation that I found could be slowed down a little, and so were the sound effects of rain definitely needs a thunderstorm and better clarity of droplets falling on roof, characters apparel. After rain effects can improve the visual appearance of game, Asking a lot – I might but It’d definitely be better to see a bit of mid-day dawn with rainbow, Shhh.. Maybe a unicorn too [Kidding]. Here’s the part that I think looks better in my opinion, the rain system blurs out the lighting that you experience in person.

Final Thoughts

Most Popular stealth game "Assassin's Creed" remains to be what the Assassin's Creed fans want. Not only fans but first timers will definitely enjoy the journey of Evie and Jacob. what differs this one is that you can expect a lot of people playing it with ease, who haven't played any AC game before. To be honest, I feel the game is definitely user friendly. Although a little long, I appreciate the fact that you won't finish the game as quickly as you imagine. Assassin's Creed Syndicate has room for smoother gameplay.

Overall Score 80%