Qbeh: Review

Qbeh is an endearing little 3D platformer. And when I say little I mean it, the entire game takes less than half an hour. But despite of its brief play time, Qbeh still manages to engage, if not puzzle.


The creators, Liquid Flower Games as “a game where you use the awesome power of cubes to solve puzzles”. Does it manage to give the user awesome power and puzzling?

Not so much. The cubes are useful at best, but often serve no purpose with the player relying on simple reflexes to take them through the beautiful levels. And the setting really is where this game shines. A seemingly ruined world composed of cubes, floating in the sky. There are vines and tress growing out of some areas. And the most unique part is that the world itself is crumbling. At any given time you may be completely thrown of your feet by the world underneath you simply collapsing and floating away. This is also one of the most unique mechanics of the game, and it always serves to keep you on your toes. All these elements pull together to create a wonderful atmosphere that really draws you into the game.

However despite all this the game doesn’t deliver on its promise of puzzles. At best you will need to need to place a block on a already marked out spot. Since you can’t place a block anywhere but these special spots the puzzles really aren’t hard to figure out.

Still, the environment, and the simple fun of running around and jumping, more than make up for the absence of difficult puzzles. Also considering this game is free, you should probably head over to Desura and download it right now.

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