Review | Run Sheeda Run “Developed in Pakistan”

Oh yet another game just like others in the store, well easy there fellow reader as you sound a little harsh back there! As we came to know about this android game via its’ Product Management & Digital Marketing executive “Mr.Muneeb Dilshad” who we met at Dubai Game Expo 2014, and he talked about the game to us..About We R Play, developer of Run Sheeda Run is a Pakistani Game Development firm located in Islamabad and noticeable titles are Space Leap, Relief Copter, Hex 99 etc.

Launching the game will bring you a comic that shows your the chicken and Sheeda, we didn’t expect that to happen and we are happy about it as of two reasons, one that this is a new idea, and second is we laughed so hard that I personally fractured my jaw [911 Emergency? I Lost my sense of humour], I recommend you to the read the comic first.

Let’s talk about the game, game “Run Sheeda Run” which we are going to review isn’t on any console, its android based game.. sums it all up doesn’t it? its compatible with android device, and we are going to give you few reasons on why you should give it a try and a message to developers to how can they make the game a bit more entertaining and fun!

This game isn’t about running from authority due to crime you have committed nor are you in progress to, but you are on a mission to save your beloved chicken who is kidnapped and is on verge of death, and Sheeda is just a ordinary Pakistani kid but its about to change. Your Objective is clear, and remains to save the chicken from butcher, during that you have to collect coins to speed up by spending the coins on in-game tools, collect as many as you can since if you don’t your chicken will be a full course “chicken tikka masty” served with mast o’ khair.

If you Installed the game by the time while you are reading this review article, you are going to not miss fun in-game stuff such like a tricycle, and flying chicken, wait! it is logically impossible for chicken to fly, Crap! I forgot that this chicken is not just your ordinary Thanksgiving chicken.

We’re are now going to list a few issues with game, objects such as cars, and pedestrians can cross through each other and while jumping on the cars, you foot is merged inside the roof, it’s like vertical collision between object and your foot. another problem, while throwing the super chicken to the sky while arriving at the intersection allowing the user to chose between left or right won’t simply work resulting in the chicken to auto right turn.

With that being said, its an overall enjoyable game which means from gameplay to story, this is the first game of its own kind with a short story. Just to remind you that, this game was entirely developed by group of Pakistani developers,  no doubt that the game looks like a folk genre as you can hear cultural music in the background and alleys look remarkably local as well. In Addition, this title is available on Google play at no cost apart from In-app purchases available. Game App on Google play has over 100-500K downloads to date.

We Salute your effort to attempt, from United Arab Emirates.