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Sony holds the production of PS4?

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PlayStation 4 was recently launched in North American Region, However, A lot of customers reported that the consoles they Pre-ordered or purchased of Amazon had issues with their Sony PlayStation 4 console.

Yet, its unclear whether the Production batch of PlayStation 4 was defective and faulty or is it a fault with the console itself, it is powerful and a better console with better console exclusives compare to rival next-gen console. Sony has told Amazon to stop shipping PlayStation 4.

Since, Sony PlayStation 4 is coming out next month on 13th, we have to wait a while if this incident is true and Sony has actually stopped on-going production of Sony PlayStation 4. Is it Worth buying it too soon? I think its worth waiting a while till Sony Resolves the Issues many customers are facing with their respective consoles.

No official words from Sony as of yet. However, Not all consoles are faulty since most customers are Happy with their Consoles according to my personal sources.