News Update

Suikoden now available on PSN following Franchise’ Massive fan’s support

image013Konami’s very own classic RPG “Suikoden” is Today brought back to life! All thanks to massive amount of fan support that made the decision for Konami easier, letting them bring back Suikoden 1 and Suikoden 2 but this time on PlayStation Network, allowing PlayStation 3 (PS3), PS Vita, PlayStation TV, and PlayStation Portable (PSP) users to travel back almost 18 Years!

For those who don’t know much, Suidoken is considered as classic of RPG Genre which originally released for PSOne back in 1997 followed by 2nd Installment of the title in 2000 forming 2 games of six game series;

  • Suikoden’s hero, who can be named by the player, is the son of the Great General, Teo McDohl. With his Father summoned to the front in Northlands, the player begins the game undergoing guard training in Gregminster. An old friend charges the player with protecting the Rune of Life and Death, one of the 27 ‘True Runes’ that govern the world, but circumstances then force the hero to flee the capital. He duly encounters a rebel band and embarks on a mission to find the Stars of Destiny – comrades needed to restore peace to the land, and to save the home they love.
  • Suikoden II expands the story via familiar themes and centres on an orphan called Hero, his friend Jowy and his orphan sister, Nanami. This unlikely trio find themselves in the middle of a war between the Highland Kingdom and the City States. Together, the three heroes embark on a journey that will question their preconceptions of life, society and war as they gather the updated 108 Stars of Destiny – a new collection of acquaintances that will prove vital in their quest.

Thank you Konami!