Wii U

Super Smash Bros. Bundle comes with GameCube Controller for 99$

nintendo game cube controller smash bros edition

Nintendo’s very own Super Smash Bros’ Bundle is coming to Wii U with fierce smash of Mario to the lovers of franchise of course majority of us! we all at some point missed out Wii U for Next-generation consoles regardless of its actual “Japanese Reliability and Fun” that it has to offer the users. Gamers, If you haven’t bought the Wii U yet..this is the right time to do so! This is the most worth it or brah! go get it pre-ordered bundle as you get a piece of history along with the historical the great great Italian plumber..

Super Smash Bros. Bundle is priced at 99 USD (365 AED) which comes packed with Game itself, Nintendo GameCube Controller Mario Bros. Edition with GameCube Controller – Wii U Adapter. Releases on 31st of December 2014 for Wii U.