News Update

Terraria is now available for PS4 & Xbox One

Are you a fan of 2D games? oh well who isn’t! we all started from 2D games at some point of our gamers’ life, good old days but it’s not over yet and yes, we have good news. You will find yourself digging, exploring, and fighting in your Next generation console, and here’s how;

Today, Terraria “The Multi-million dollar 2D RPG action-adventure” published by 505 Games and Developed by Re-logic will be available in your very own Next-Generation consoles’ store. Today – 11th November for PlayStation 4 across North America and 12th November for European users, Xbox One users will be able to enjoy the game, worldwide 14th November onwards with massive amount of next gen contents, features and thousand new items added.

Features include over 1,300 construction methods, number of 150 enemies, and 15 bosses to interact in the battles, and we still have one good news left to inform you folks before you get lost digging! PlayStation 4 users with Next-Gen version of Terraria you will be able enjoy the cross-play feature with PlayStation 3 and PS Vita; So whether you team up or fight with each other in the enormous community, The decision is yours. 

Sony is also offering a PS vita, bundled along with Terraria and PlayStation 4 for a very limited time after the launch.