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The Big Talk | Why Old-Skool Gaming is still Enjoyable?

This Time its Old-Skool and Guess what! Its “WHY OLD-SKOOL GAMING IS STILL ENJOYABLE?” The main point is Why we still Enjoy the most popular Italian Plumber but Games in Today’s Generation is 2-3 days and its done, even though Games like Grand Theft Auto or Final Fantasy’s Single Player’s are Played Repeatedly. No Offence, But Most of Today’s Games are enjoyable when you are playing Multiplayer because Usually you are done with Single Players too Quick or either way you are bored.


Video games of all types and genres have continued to be played throughout the years. Used as entertainment for people of all different ages, genders and even cultures, gaming is a major part of our lives in each generation.

Being brought up as a child who earns their rewards, I’ve always been fond of video games. It all started with the Atari, and my love for games had progressed from then, going onto the Nintendo 64 and Game Boys and PlayStation  and now, 12 years later I still am playing video games. And I love it. But one thing that has always been on my mind, is how come the older, more retro games have been able to keep up such a reputation even 2 generations later, but more recent games are easily replaced and eventually die out?

Here, let me give you an example.

Retro MarioMario! We all know the little red-themed Italian plumber, admit it. Although originally featured in Donkey Kong (1981), he was everyone’s favorite character. Serving as Nintendo’s mascot character,

Mario has served in over 200 different games, but the most famous one is Mario Bros, being the main income from 210 million units sold worldwide, making the Mario franchise the best-selling franchise of all times. And even till this day, Mario serves a great deal in games. Keep in mind Mario’s first appearance was over 20 years ago, and so was Mario Bros, but we still remember, play, and cherish it.

Still not convinced? (CS)

counterstrikeHow about Counter Strike? Counter strike 1.6, still classed as the bestselling fps action game, is still being played today. I mean don’t get me wrong, Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are great,

but what is it that keeps driving us back to playing the original game? Even gaming championships have a preferred love over CS 1.6. More people take part and battle it out in a game of CS 1.6 to earn their name on the leader boards than both CS:S and CS:GO tournaments put together.  With bigger cash prizes, of course.

Personally, I prefer 1.6 over the others, and after asking around I decided to make a list of possible reasons why people prefer original games over newer games:-

  • They’re simple, more concentration on the game itself than the features it comes with
  • Straight forward, none of this high-tech stuff
  • More modern games might stray from the original story line/plot
  • Some games are only good the first time, kind of like movie sequels – they usually suck the second time around
  • It’s more intriguing, a player doesn’t know what they’re getting into – whereas a second game can only build up on what they already have, they can’t create a new story-line from scratch.

Remakes and Why Early Generation Games were Different?

dukenukemforeverGames like Final Fantasy which is currently in development for the Remake or let it be the Nuke, That’s right DUKE NUKEM! who reminds the Epicness of PlayStation One. Games that were Made in Early Generations are still way better then the Current Generation, For a Moment forget the Graphics and Sound Effects or Authenticity and let’s Focus on Story-line and Gameplay Duration which were Far better when it came to Early Generations. Game’s use to be Hard even on Easy Difficulty and took weeks to complete or maybe a month for many.

Sequels; Preferred Choice?

On the other hand, people have argued that they prefer sequels to games because they improve the features that they lacked progress on, or they add newer options for the player to endorse upon. But when it comes to less-dedicated fans, a lot of the time they answered with “There’s better graphics and it’s a higher quality.” To be fair, a development of a game’s graphics could be the main reason why people prefer sequels to originals, but most find that the dedication to a game’s graphics could lead to the lack of focus on the game itself.

Like always Many Debates are Impossible to End! There are hundreds more reasons why people might think one way or another, but let us know what you think and share your opinion!  

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