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The Big Talk | Why you should Quit comparing Consoles and PC (Middle-east Exclusive)

First of all this is the first Edition of The Big Talk on Game Rekon, “The Big Talk” is about Consoles, Games and Much More! Why, what and when..Often thought why this sucks and why this is good? everything comes to one piece at The Big Talk “suggestions, Feedback’s from community” and Your Non-Biased Source!




Today I am going to write about most common and unreasonable comparison, Consoles and PC! These debate could end up in 2020, Catch my drift? Console Gamers and PC Gamers always compare Consoles and PC which doesn’t make sense since both are very different Alternatives,

  1. Expense – What’s a Pocket Healthy alternative?
  2. Visual Performance – What offers Better Visual Performance?
  3. Life Expectancy – What’s worth spending?
  4. Exclusive Franchise – What Game do I play this weekend?
  5.  Collectors Edition – I am a Collector and I find it hard to get Collectors edition without High Shipping rates.

1. Expense – What’s a Pocket Healthy alternative?


  • Console, Consoles like PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 offers a Cheaper and Better solution when it comes to “Pocket Healthy alternative” and better alternative to Gamers who like to spend on Collecting Games rather then Upgrading their High-end Gaming PCs.
  • If you are willing to Spend more and not choosing “Pocket Healthy alternative” you can move to High-end Gaming PCs which gives you two options, Which are “Branded PC like Alienware or ASUS otherwise you can choose the best way which is Custom made PC”  PCs offer you Better Quality time where you can be a Gamer or Music/Video Producer.

2. Visual Performance – What offers Better Visual Performance?


  • PCs offer Better Visual Performance compare to Consoles, Firstly consoles are made in less cost so consumers are reliable with price as well as Build Quality but PCs can be custom which lets you create a Monster out of PC!

“Developers program Games through PC’s and take the help of Consoles, so either way Think Gamer”

  • Consoles offer a Better but a Cheaper solution compare to PCs, Specially to the people who like to travel and just need to pack console and controller, in simpler words “Plug N Play” or “Portable option”  and for PC you Install a Graphic card today, and tomorrow you still want to modify it just like a Tuner Car, you keep on paying and keep on modifying where consoles don’t give you chance to. when it comes to Visual Performance, I would go with PC.

3. Life Expectancy – How long does Hardware of PC or Console last?


  •  Both last almost the same but in Different way, PC hardware’s are replaceable whereas Consoles are meant to be Replaced instead of paying for Repair charges and you know the problem is going to Reoccur in few months. PC hardware’s last around 5 to 7 years(Estimated) and Consoles 6 Years(Estimated)
  • Speaking about Life Expectancy also known as Life Duration,  It mainly depends on the user as in How he maintains it especially keeping it “Dust-Free”  which can increase the Life of any Hardware but if he does not he it affects the system performance. Specially for PC you have to take care while upgrading much and leaving no free space for air might harm system causing repeated “Over Heating” which might reduce the life as well.

4. Exclusive Franchise – What Game do I play this weekend?


  • PlayStation and Xbox 360 have been battling Exclusive Games for years! let’s make it easy and say they are consoles and now comes PC. Many Years now and we have seen Best Games out of Consoles and for PCs as well. Since last year Counter strike was no more a PC Exclusive and Blizzard announced Diablo 3 will be available on PS3 and PCs. Its getting hard to choose when it comes to PC vs Consoles, But to all there is a Reason which is Developers are investing more in Console Market because they see lot of potential also at same time they are missing that PC market is Wide in many regions.
  • Console Exclusives – Kill-zone, Halo, God of War, Gears of war, Infamous, Fable, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Forza, Gran Turismo. Etc. and PC Exclusives – Arma, league of legends, Dota. Etc

5. Collectors Edition – I am a Collector and I find it hard to get Collectors edition without High Shipping rates.



  • Consoles receive the most and best Collectors edition, PCs get collectors edition but Developers make it as simple as it gets whereas Developers make Collector Worthy yet Astounding Collector’s edition for consoles.

“For Middle-East Region many retailers or Distributors sell the Collectors edition at almost the same price as it will take you from Online stores like Amazon etc.  and either way One retailer buys full stock only if its Risk worthy or Many of retailers won’t even take risk to buy Collector’s edition because if it has High price and nothing fancy, Many Gamers go regular or Limited edition to their satisfactory needs. 

PC Gamers do not receive all of limited collectors edition in this region unless they are willing to pay high price or buy it online, what i have saw lately was Diablo 3 Collector’s edition, World of war: Mists of Pandaria Collector’s edition, Guild of Wars and some other.”

You know it and I know it, that This Article could be never ending..That’s why it’s called “The Big Talk”  and both has Good and Bad so, Just Play on what you are Comfortable with.

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