The Settlers Online receiving two major updates this fall

Ubisoft and Blue Byte revealed that the brand new Player vs Player (PvP) mode and enhanced battle system of The Settlers Online is now ready for tests! [Click here] The international test servers offers the community of gamers a preview version of this two upcoming major features. only thing that stands between you and the preview is a sign-up in order to get their hands on the all-new game content.



The “Player vs Player expeditions” are special generated adventure islands, which have to be conquered, defended or wait a minute! “Stolen by other players”. this feature will introduce new buildings for example: the combat academy and the combat smith, along with 6 new weapon and 7 new unit types.

Enhanced battle system allows the influence the outcome of a fight directly. while the player can watch the combat on map, player will be able to change attacking units.

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