Valve Sued, Downloadable Game Resale Rights

Meanwhile about Steam Sale, It was a Week of awesomeness and yet many could not brace themselves, then the current week Unfortunately is not so good. A German consumer rights org. is suing Valve, claiming that the inability to resell downloadable games from their Steam service infringes on the rights of consumers.

Why was Valve sued Exactly?

Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband ( VGVB ) alleges that by not giving gamers the option to resell the titles they have downloaded from steam, Valve is in violation of a European Union rule guaranteeing consumers exactly that right. Most probably, the case against Valve will be Heard in German Court in 2013.

Legal Words from Valve

In addition, Valve Counsel Dave Lombardi has added “The company still has yet to see the official against them, and thus cannot respond to the charges yet.

Well, that would be quite cool for PC Gamers, who could sell the game in specific amount after having fun which will make it more like a Retail version.

( Via Geekosystem )