Verdict | Bloodborne is Next-level thought, Why the hate?

First off, Bloodborne is action role-playing title exclusively for Sony PlayStation 4, Directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki of FromSoftware. Game shares similar essence of Dark Souls, or Witcher 3 at some extent.

Many of you heard about how difficult it is to kill the boss in PS4 Exclusive title “Bloodborne” which made the game bad rather, unusual for a few.. I am not saying that, I disagree on the point but somehow they added something good to the game. something that you would not do, if it was not that hard to kill the enemies, something actually be useful for you something like “using your mind instead of your strength “. You see, If you think a little more about the whole scenario, you would understand the game and not recall what you thought about it in the beginning..It truly is amazing, how you can defeat the boss by deciding of what weapon to use against them, moves you make that’d effect on them! It’s no coincidence that you have to think twice before doing it otherwise, you would lose everything, and start again from the scratch for this point, which a few gamers actually did not appreciate, because of the difficulty they faced.

Personally, As a gamer – I consider this as a challenge that makes me need to play the game, till I finish it. Life is full of pros and cons, so is for Bloodborne. I believe, I like this title because it adds new things to the life, take my level of thinking to next level, at the end, I want to add some words in regards to the hate that this game has received by the critics. Try to look at the game from a different perspective, and take my word for it “You would surely like it, without a doubt”