Verdict | Lost Planet 3, What to Expect

It’s just about a month away for the release of the third adventure/first-person shooter video game in the LP series, Lost Planet 3. This anticipated game is said that  “Lost Planet 3 is set in the same daunting conditions and takes on a more story-driven approach than the previous games in the series” Release of this game is set for August 30, 2013 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Lost Planet 3 takes us back in time where Neo-Venus Construction (NEVEC) was still starting to colonize E.D.N III. The protagonist Jim Peyton is introduced to be a rig pilot who left Earth to work with NEVEC. On their journey, Jim and his comrades will discover new foreboding lands, come head-to-head with the horrific Akrid and must survive the harsh conditions.

At the time, NEVEC were still establishing their base and therefore were running low on Thermal Energy (which is the source for the sustainability of their colony). Hoping that he would finally reunite with his family back on Earth, Jim decides to risk his life and take on the treacherous journey to find more T-energy.

Setting out on his expedition with his trusted rig, Jim explores the terrains of E.D.N III, unraveling dark secrets of NEVEC, battling the hideous Akrid, and fighting the harsh environmental challenges.


Lost Planet 3 is basically a backstory of the previous two games with the same action-filled and exciting plot. The game’s trailer “Dangerous Secrets” reveals that there are other hidden inhabitants on E.D.N III and secrets yet to be unveiled.

Players will be able to play with one of the largest vehicles in the series, the Rigs, which are the older versions of the Vital Suit (VS).

You’re going to meet lots of intense climate changes as you cross the unforeseen terrains of E.D.N III and survival is your main objective.

The infestation of the native Akrid are forever colossal and expanding. The monsters you’ll see are even larger and more stimulating. The Akrid are the carriers of the vivacious orange-colored T-energy which NEVEC needs  to survive. With Jim’s determination to reunite his family as soon as possible, he must accumulate as much Thermal energy as possible.

Hmm..Graphics, where things go wrong.

lost planet 3 eye.png

From developer group Spark Unlimited, these guys have it going to bring back to life the harsh terrains of E.D.N III and the massive insect-like Akrid. Contrary to a lot of criticism towards the graphics of the game, Lost Planet 3’s graphics are as good as Lost Planet 2 and maybe even better. Although not at top-notch quality, clarity of snow covered E.D.N III and intricate details of NEVEC’s base and mechs make this game an invigorating one.

Team GR tested Beta version at Games 12 which happened last year at Dubai Festival City, and we weren’t too happy about the graphics but obviously graphic works are much better in complete version compare to beta version.

Playing Online?


Lost Planet 3 brings along a multiplayer mode in which players engage in heated battles against each, and the monstrous Akrid. Capcom have announced that there will be Four multiplayer modes with six different maps, Two of the game modes revealed were Akrid Survival and Scenario.

In Scenario mode, players will have to complete objectives before the opposing team beats them to it, like for example defusing a bomb. You will be able to upgrade and customize your rigs and guns. Players can also ride the destructive rigs in multiplayer mode.



Both Lost Planet 1 and 2 have a unique and exciting Story line and possess all qualities of an action-filled/adventure game. Lost Planet 3 introduces the back story of the previous games and i would like to know how NEVEC started off and what more is to become of those “unknown inhabitants” and how it relates to the previous games . Not much is Revealed yet about the entire plot of the game despite much negativity towards it.

The multiplayer mode however is a bit mediocre in contrast to Lost Planet 2’s multiplayer modes. I’m looking forward to playing the game hoping that it connects with the previous two in the series.