Warlocks’ Kickstarter Project behind by 24 Hours and 4,000 Dollars

Warlocks Kickstarter project has been supported by 800 backers that got the project about $21,000 USD, now its all about another 24 hours and $4,000 USD to make this project a success. Warlocks will be released in Later 2015, on Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Steam and Wii U..It is possible that this game might release on Next-Gen consoles but as of yet, its not confirmed. Warlocks will support the following languages; English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Japanese and Chinese. We’ve had unprecedented love and support for our game added Max Strzelecki, Lead Programmer of One More Level S.A., ‘but we still need your help. We’re so close to funding and making Warlocks a reality!’

Check out the Video preview below:

What is Warlocks and Who are the masters of it?

Warlocks is an action RPG/brawler game set in a fantasy world invaded by shadow monsters. Playing as an incredibly powerful Warlock and, by using magic skills and weapons, you fight through hordes of enemies. The game places great focus on co-op and versus play between players, where you can fight in 1-4 player DeathMatch or in teams of 1v1 or 2v2.

In the singleplayer/co-op campaign you have to clear your way through 6 different dimensions with unique enemies, bosses, and environments. You level up your character by slaying evil monsters and getting better and better items.

One More Level S.A. is an indie game development studio based in Cracow, Poland’s ‘silicon valley’. The studio was assembled by game industry experienced professionals from other Polish game studios such as Nimbi Studios, Tap It Games, Teyon, Ganymede and Bloober Team.  Having previous experience in working with games such as A-Men, Deadlings, 300 Dwarfs and Alien Breed, the team stay versatile creating hardcore mid-core games for PC, consoles and mobile devices.

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