Editor's Special

What Should I Play this Halloween?

“The foulest stench is in the air the funk of forty thousand years and grizzly ghouls from every tomb, Are closing in to seal your doom and though you fight to stay alive your body starts to shiver. For no mere mortal can resist the evil of the thriller: Michael Jackson“. One of the most fun but terrifying event of year is near, every one behold “Halloween” on its way..

Don’t feel like Trick or Treat? Want to stay indoor? Come on at least little bit of indoor fun, did we get your attention? Okay, here’s the thing you are going to do First; Prepare your credit card, and order one of the games which we are going to provide a list for you here, Second is the Safety Checklist – Drink a lot of water in order to stay hydrated & Third prepare a pair of pants next to you in case something goes wrong [Evil Laugh]

Here’s the list of games for you to chose from:



Why? Have you ever woke up from a long sleep and have no idea what time it is? Well, we have bad news for Daniel who woke up in a dark and forbidden castle and you get the chance to explore with him. Don’t forget it’s not just an ordinary castle besides you are empty handed, Got spotted by monsters? Run for your life..Still Reading?..We meant..Run! [I personally guarantee that this game will scare you..]



Explain! Your name is “Miles Upshur” a Freelance investigative journalist who got an anonymous lead that named themselves whistleblower. The lead tells you where to find a remote psychiatric hospital situated deep in the mountains of Lake County, Colorado which sort of reminds you of a movie called “mirrors” at some point but wait a minute.. It’s not the Monsters that scares you in the game is wheel designed with small details, such as breathing heavily when you get scared. Meanwhile, In case..I Forgot to inform you that the protagonist does not own a gun but instead a camera, [oops low battery]



Who? SCU investigator named “Ethan Thomas” Investigates a murder scene in abandoned building surrounded with psychopaths with his fellow officers. Their deaths were not caused by suicide or accidental but they were Tortured to death. Ethan does own Firearm, they are deadly but waiting.. since the antagonists are obviously step ahead of you plus, Fast!

Alien: Isolation


When? It’s 2137 Baby! Amanda’s mind is arguing with the disappearance of her mother, but she doesn’t know what’s on its way, she gets a information about the black box which belonged to flight that her Mother was in, Unfortunately, the space station has been breached and left with no communications. Personal Suggestion, We suggest to you move slow because they “Aliens” can track you by sighting you down via smell and sound! Plus, Don’t leave the locker open because they will lock you since they are quite smart for creatures.

The Evil Within


Yes? Have you seen a slaughterhouse in-person with barn animals such as cows, chickens, and bull perhaps? This time, Its other way around since Animals were too mainstream; Humans are getting slaughtered, as soon as you know this, you start to struggle in-order to save your own life, sadly..you are dizzy as well. You can run, You can fight, You own firearms but it’s never enough for company that you are about to visit. To survive you have to choose your path wisely. It all depends on you in the end. In Addition, It now comes with free demo on steam!

Dying Light


Ratcage..Hmm? It’s been 2 month since you have been hiding in a rat cage but you need supply and the perfect time to get the supply which is brought to you by air drops when sun shines and, when the dark rises you are the hunted by quick as hell zombies. Anything you do! Each decision has its own consciousness as it would affect your future.



Para..What? The Narrator is talking about memories, He had in an Insane asylum called the Hanwell Mental Institute and Now, after a very long time; He is going to take you with him on an adventure which you shall never forget about [Trust me], In terms of precaution.. you might want to turn the volume down just in-case.

The Forest


Where? In Airplane everything seemed to be as usual until the technical difficulties cause the pilots to make a call for emergency landing of the plane, which turns to a plane crash not directly in sea but into a unknown forest, You unfortunately..Survived the plane crash but you need to remain alive! collect anything that you can and remain hidden in the dark of night when the creatures want to hunt you down!

Among the Sleep


Nightmare? Back when you were 2-years old and it is your Birthday! [Yay] but someone appears and Your mom has a little argument with him, You get scared! Mommy comes back with a little present for you since, you were nice little baby. Now it’s time for a afternoon nap, by this time you will get into knowing your little friend “your teddy bear”, cute little teddy will come with you on an adventure that is created in your imagination. As a child these are some horrifying imaginations so, Hug the Teddy because he is there with you, Right? Among the Sleep takes you to the worst nightmare of a child especially in First-Person view, for  yourself as instance!

The Walking Dead: Season Two


Obviously? The Decision you made in first season affects your life in second season, This is the time when you find out that your friend Omid has been died due to carelessness. You’ll find an abandoned cabin with some other survivors, Certain replies from other characters may offer you the benefit to answer them with multiple choices or either to be silent but it may affect your relation with them in upcoming events and may put them in danger as well. Turn the lights off and keep the screaming part down or you might scare other folks.

Please Note: Stay away from these games if you want to act macho tough because these are some horrifying video games which will bring the inner screaming part of you and Just so you know, We don’t pay for therapy, Be safe. Happy Halloween!