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What we learnt from Call of Duty: Ghosts Pre-E3 Gameplay session w/Verdict

Activision/Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts Pre-E3 Gameplay session which was Live-streamed for fans and as well as the media who are present in Los Angeles for E3 Expo.. Infinity Ward showed you New Features, So called Improvements and much more movement flexibility.

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Seriously? No I mean you still have a Dog!

Ghosts, Derived from our old friend from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 but this time its “GHOSTS” a Unit of Ghosts, How cool is That! Well meanwhile its still a Call of Duty, we are unaware of the story unless the E3 Gets over and Games-Com is on its way in August.  I was really expecting much more from the Pre-E3 Session like reveal with a depth of story unveiling and such

but of course we have Wikipedia, Call of Duty: Ghosts takes place following a devastating event that changed the global balance of power, with the United States no longer recognized as a superpower. Ten years after the event, a band of elite soldiers known as the “Ghosts” wage a covert war against an unseen enemy, with the outcome having far-reaching consequences for both themselves and the remains of America.

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Man’s and Infinity ward’s Best Friend “DOG”

Well apart from Story part, Call of Duty: Ghosts Dog was showed once again. [OH LORD] however, In Game name of the Dog was revealed “RILEY” with behind the scenes of making Ghosts involving a SEAL and his Unit Canine “German Shepherd” calibrated by sensors to understand the pure movements of Dog and his Soldier Mate.

We also understand that Riley aka Call of Duty: Ghosts Dog plays a Vital role in the Game as attacking the soldiers without them knowing, yep..”Stealth” something better then UCAVs or Fire Dragons. You are virtually controlling dog which includes the movement because Dog is attached with a Camera and Headset, so he can hear your commands.

Not sure, how this is going to affect the emotional part of Campaign mode in the game but already have a Bad feeling about it.

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Fixed Helicopter Physics, wait what about Gun Cross-hairs?

Somewhat New Engine, Well Graphics are still however unreal not sure its run on the previous Call of Duty engine or next-generation, as i mentioned in my earlier articles that they did not juice out the Current-generation consoles. They fixed the Physics of Helicopter, Smoke, Clouds, Water movement which looks much better.

According to me, Better is still not the Best! They clearly are trying too hard to keep installments coming every year, They should perhaps try to bring something new and innovative. what they are currently doing is keeping the Franchise alive and yet people are of course buying their games, but for many “Many Lost Faith in Franchise after Modern Warfare 2” However, I said “Many not all”

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and Explosions!

Ghosts and explosions, Explosions have more effect and sound effect’s [As seen on Live Stream] was really improved, all the gloomy effect and the Flames look improved on So called New engine. But Big question is! will the new Call of Duty: Ghosts bring back the Lost Gamers? will it gain more profit compare to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?

From what I see, It would be decent profit compare to MW3, It might not get lost COD Gamers back since the outlooks of the game itself is not that impressive. I am Disappointed since the Graphics are just bit improved apart from Dirty nails or Forearm hairs..Infinity Wards common! all you mainly did was the Dog and Lean feature! you could have impressed us all..

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