Which Game would You Love to see “Re-Mastered”?

Every console has that one CLASSIC game that are both loved by critics and personally. I’m taking about Last-Gen games from PlayStation 1 & PlayStation 2 that we would love to see remastered in HD for the Current-Gen.

crash bandicoot
So, what games from Last-Gen would you like to see remastered in HD for the Current-Gen? It could even be from consoles from back in the day like Sega Mega Drive, I know there were some awesome games on that.My personal favorite, which is I know will be a money maker if released is the Crash Bandicoot series. Ever since it released on the PlayStation One I was a fan.

I know it is currently available on the PlayStation Network store under “PS Classics” , but I would rather play an HD collection with Trophies. Well, maybe one day…actually its now owned by Activision so I doubt they will release it since they are busy milking the Call Of Duty franchise.

However, This things depend on developers and Investors but they really should keep legendary franchise alive instead of milking, if you know what you mean. Comment below as your response to this Article.

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